“It’s never gonna end”

From Mark Steyn on Canada lock-up policy where the video is found:

As to the imprisonment of fully vaccinated Covid-negative populations, see, of all places, the CBC:

Chuck Ferkranus, a resident of a home in Newmarket, Ont., said no one in the building has COVID-19 and yet residents are stuck in their rooms. Ferkranus, who challenged those in authority to live as he does for even a week, said residents are being treated worse than criminals. “We did nothing wrong; we’re not guilty of any crime,” he said. “If vaccinations don’t end the rules, if no one having COVID doesn’t end the restrictions, then what does it take before this comes to an end?”

In the sense of a return to the pre-Covid world, it’s never gonna end.

And if you want to see the specific quote from Justin Trudeau on The Great Reset and Covid, see below. The really loopy bits start at around 2:00 minutes in.

The Liberal Party in Canada is now the equivalent of the ALP in Australia. Many (most?) Western governments around the world are now in the hands of totalitarians, but nice totalitarians.

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