Men create civilisation specifically to have families

The video which is over the top is from a comments thread at Instapundit as is this comment.

I believe men create civilization specifically to have families. Inspired by women and the desire to protect and provide for her and their children, men create everything else.

Somewhere along the line, we lost the civilizational thread. It started out as a beneficial thing — liberation of women from certain constraints. These were real constraints, not made up stuff. LIke don’t go out to ice cream alone, lest you be perceived as an immoral woman.

But there was an unintended side effect, namely, men actually do not need women, but do need women to be inspired to be civilized. And women will not build civilization on their own … they will at best maintain it. But it will never grow and it will inevitably fall. When you have female chiefs of police, female governors … men check out.

Part of the problem is men cannot follow women; women are too emotional, make rationalizations that another men wouldn’t tolerate for a second, pull rank, become risk-averse, and engage in a double-standard where they are simultaneously reliant on actual male power while claiming to be a leader that they could never personally enforce.

There is also this which is directly related: Nicolle Flint’s career sacrifice for the greater good of others.

“The general reaction to my announcement I would not recontest the next federal election was one of shock,” Flint told The Weekend Australian on Friday.

“After all, I was only in my second term (having held my seat despite the best attempts of GetUp, Labor and the unions); I had a strong record of achieving policy change; and this week the Prime Minister has said I was ministerial material. But there are limits to human endurance and I had reached mine.”

The Weekend Australian spoke this week to one Boothby volunteer who said that “bovver boys” from the SA branch of the CFMEU arrived at his booth on polling day and ripped down all Flint’s posters, then stood there with their arms folded challenging anyone to dare put them up again. Picture: Getty

Utterly lame. She will only make it harder for other women to find seats in Parliament since she has wimped out in a way that others will now know the kinds of pressures that work. Weak and unforgivable.

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