The ABC is your sworn enemy so why don’t you do something about it?

If this doesn’t finally get the Government to start defending itself, what will? The Government gives these far-left scum at the ABC free rein to say and do what they like with no consequences. Why don’t they finally, at long last, do something to make the collective at the ABC start to worry that maybe, just maybe, there might be something they might actually lose by behaving the way they do? Facebook you will stand up to but not an organisation that is your most bitter and resolute enemy, and one you fund to the tune of a billion a year.

This is from Bettina Arndt’s latest Newsletter []. News Limited is a private sector media organisation so can bend and distort the news as they please. But the ABC is paid for by the Commonwealth down to the last paper clip. Until Andrew Bolt has a 7:00 pm weekly show on the ABC, nothing is going to change and they will keep belting you like the punch-drunk cowards you seem to be. This is what Bettina writes, among much else.

What we have just witnessed this week in Canberra was … a shameful feeding frenzy by a partisan media determined to take out Attorney General Christian Porter and hence the Federal government….

“For years now, activists have been working hard to undermine the authority of our justice system by alleging rape victims don’t receive fair treatment, that rape is rarely reported, and wrongly asserting that convictions are rare in such cases….

“That’s been the overarching theme right from the start of this latest episode in the Year of the Rape Victim. The protagonists must have been disappointed at the short run of the Higgins affair which fizzled out remarkably quickly, despite the best efforts of feminist commentators to maintain the rage. So our ABC leapt into action leaking news of the upcoming 4 Corners Program based on comments from friends of a deceased alleged victim of a historical rape by a Cabinet Minister….

“No matter that the police then announced the case was closed since there was not enough admissible evidence. And that the alleged victim had withdrawn her initial complaint before she tragically suicided. And that her poor parents had not wanted her to proceed with the complaint, warning their daughter suffered mental illness and expressing concern she might have “confected or embellished” the allegations. And that her accusations against Porter emerged after recovered memory therapy, including hypnotic techniques subject to evidentiary restrictions in Australian courts because of their potential to affect memory.”

Are you that completely blind to what is going on? If you are not for yourselves, who are you for? They will take you down if you don’t start fighting back, and that is without any doubt whatsoever their aim in all they have been doing. If you are going to go down, this is the battlefield I want you fighting on, not some absolute concocted nonsense about what a cabinet minister was doing more than thirty years ago when he was seventeen.

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