Lightweight posers of no substance

What an irony in finding an op-ed in The Australian on trial by media when it is The Australian that is the main media judge-jury-executioner in dealing with these unprovable allegations, especially those against the Attorney-General. Why The Oz would let this article pass into print was clear as you could wish as soon as you read the opening paras:

Grace Tame is right. The nation does seem to be on the verge of some sort of revolution. But it’s not the sort of benign change envisaged by the Australian of the year when she addressed the National Press Club on Wednesday.

The outrageous treatment of Attorney-General Christian Porter suggests we could be entering a new dark age that erodes public trust in the media and the institutions that govern society.

When this happened in America, it created the opening that gave rise to Donald Trump. That is what the lynch mob in Canberra is toying with by seeking to bypass the rule of law in their scramble to destroy Porter.

What any of this has to do with Donald Trump is well  beyond me (and that great authority on the rule of law, Grace Tame, as well for that matter). But at least we can all stand together in being against rape.

As for other matters, such as the philosophical questions related to rule of law, they are quite confusing and require quite a bit of thought and background knowledge. As also noted here, for example: Rape stalemate threat to Scott Morrison’s agenda. On matters such as the government’s agenda, it is very hard to find a consensus, even though many of these issues are crucial to our collective wellbeing. As here:

“Scott Morrison’s industrial relations bill faces months of delay as key crossbenchers call for a planned March vote on the reforms to be shelved in the wake of rape claims against Christian Porter, and backed an independent ­inquiry into the allegations.

“South Australian senator Rex Patrick said on Friday he supported an independent investigation into the allegations against Mr Porter and called for him to stand aside while the probe occurred….

“Jacqui Lambie also backed a probe into the claims against Mr Porter and said the government should drop its plans for the Senate to vote on the bill in the sitting week starting March 15.”

What a bunch of clowns we seem to have elected. Lightweight posers of no substance.

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