Craig Kelly leaves the Liberal Party

Via Andrew Bolt:

Craig Kelly has quit the Liberal party and will sit out the rest of the term as an independent. Kelly has jumped before he was pushed – his preselection looked threatened – but now represents a danger to the Morrison Government, which now holds just 76 seats out of 151. The Liberals threw Kelly to the wolves, not having the courage to defend him from the media pack, which first savaged him for (correctly) questioning global warming alarmism, and then destroyed him for (correctly) saying studies suggested that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, when taken early and with zinc, both cut deaths from the coronavirus. Then today, a final blow: claims, strongly denied, that a staffer had sexually harassed women.

It really is a disgrace. Kelly’s views represent a good deal more of the views of the population than his sole voice in the wilderness on so many issues would have you believe.

NOW THE STORY IS IN THE AUSTRALIAN: Craig Kelly to quit Liberal Party, move to crossbench. Here are all of the first dozen of the comments under the classification as “Most Liked”.

Good luck for the future Craig, keep on fighting for what is right

Good on Craig. He has made the right move, I hope he will stand as an independent against the Liberal candidate in the next election. Morrison has been a disappointment, has shown no leadership in the culture war engulfing our nation. Craig has the common sense and the courage to challenge the climate alarmists and the woke trenders who are taking away our freedom of speech. Well done, Craig, you are in tune with the Quiet Australians.

Do we have a politician here who stands for his principles? Amazing.

There are now a number of medical papers that support Craig’s views on COVID. Makes one wonder why these solutions have been suppressed.

And to the voters of Hughes, if you’re worried at the prospect of conservative voices being marginalized, it’s time to back Craig Kelly in 100%.

Hopefully he will win his seat as an independent. He is stating the bloody obvious about the COVID treatments he has copiously researched.

I can’t imagine why any of them were shocked, they drove him out.

I’d vote for Craig Kelly. He tells the truth as he sees it.

The only one with brains.

He is an honest politician. He can really see what we need in this country. Dams, cheap power from clean coal fired power stations and the real truth about the hysteria of climate change. I hope he joins the Nationals. He is far too good to lose.

Wake up Morrison! Don’t follow in MT’s footsteps.

Good luck for the future Craig, keep on fighting for what is right

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