Should one take the Covid vaccine?

This is my take on this post at which comes with this heading: Australians will among the first to get a vaccine …. It is the only post I have come across anywhere in the world in which the central question is whether or not to take the “vaccine”. The consensus is to wait and see. Here are some of the comments that seem to really speak to the issue at hand.

I don’t know anybody keen to rush out and get the jab. They all want to wait until all the potential side effects are identified and can be managed. This vaccine has been developed in an accelerated program and they are waiting for a whole lot of other people to be the substitute guinea pigs while the final product is calibrated to minimise side effects. I must own to being in this group.

For those who say “I’ll wait” I can assure you that a thousand times as many resources and effort will go into covering up the damage and manipulating the efficacy than was put into actually producing useful vaccines.

You will be gaslighted from start to finish – no matter how many get sick straight after the shot (even if it’s immediately after) it will *always* be “investigated” and found to be a coincidence. And of course they’ll change the PCR testing process to ensure it appears to have worked. And if you think journalists will lift a finger in pursuit of the truth then you’re an utter fool. If you want to understand what will happen, tell yourself it’s not a sacred vaccine and is instead a car. If their excuses and gaslighting would not be convincing if they were talking about a car being defective then you shouldn’t accept the same just because this is a vaccine.

Newsweek published a “fact check” which labeled claims that India had banned the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as “mostly false” despite admitting in the article that India has in fact temporarily banned the vaccine… But it gets worse. Bill Gates owns stock in Pfizer Inc. and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated significant sums of money to help Pfizer’s development of vaccines. Interesting to note therefore that a message which originally appeared at the bottom of the Newsweek ‘fact check’ article has now disappeared. The message read; “Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.” It is not known why that message has now vanished. This is yet another example of how ‘fact checks’ are often completely devoid of facts and are merely a way of legacy media institutions and giant corporations shutting down narratives they don’t like.

What’s the point of getting a vaccine that has been rushed and in my view with dubious testing when it will not prevent me from getting the virus and will not prevent me passing the virus onto someone else. And worse, boosters will more than likely be necessary. I will not become Big Pharma’s lab ferret. And as we know, ferrets will die when exposed to human respiratory infections.

So we already know that the experimental gene therapy, otherwise known as mRNA ‘vaccine’, is at least twenty times more dangerous to recipients than the flu vaccine. (Look up CDC’s own numbers if you don’t believe me. According to their VARES system, they were up to about 453 CV vaccine-related deaths by the end of January, while there were only 20 for the flu.)

We also know that according to the manufacturers themselves, these jabs will not only not protect us from getting ConVid-1984, but they won’t stop us from passing it on either.

It is no secret that there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine. There was quite a lot of experiments done on cats some time ago (yes, they can get these viruses too), with the results being less that optimal – namely, most of the cats died when they were next exposed to the live virus and the vaccine-created antibodies started attacking the animals’ own immune systems (known as ADE or ‘antibody-dependent enhanced’ infection.)
See here for a summary of this condition.

Further, we know that should we suffer serious side effects or die, neither we nor our relatives can sue anyone. Bad luck – the politicians allowed Big Pharma to ‘accelerate’ the development of this stuff and then granted them immunity from any f*ck ups. Compare, for example, to the measles vaccine, which took 10 years from development, to trials, to deployment. At least this is one guaranteed ‘immunity’ the ‘vaccine’ provides, I suppose! And last, we know beyond dispute that around 99.7% of people who get the virus will survive; really no different to mildly bad flu season.Check out the definitive Ioannidis et al study (Stanford) if you need convincing. So the question is: Is that the best you can say, Sinclair? Or are you just taking the proverbial? I wouldn’t actually even joke about this. And no, I’m far from being an anti-vaxxer. In my view, the misuse of this word is now not dissimilar to ‘denier’ for those who dare doubt the climate scam.

By the way, having just checked again the CDC VARES reporting system, it seems corona vaccine adverse effects in the USA are now up to 929 deaths. That’s deaths, not just feeling very sick. Of those, there have so far been more than 14 thousand cases. Anyone interested, here you go: Click ‘I agree’. Click on ‘Request Form’ tab Scroll to section 3, select COVID19. Scroll to section 5 Event Category. Select the first 3: Death, Life Threatening and permanent disability

A couple of jurisdictions have already announced that vaccination will not be compulsory for frontline health workers etc., but there was still equivocation and weasel words in the media today about compulsion in the future – I heard it more than once, so at the very least, it was an unsubtle attempt at bluff (or worse). If it’s not essential for frontline health workers to be vaccinated then it should not be for the general public and that should be made absolutely clear, NOW and it should likewise be made clear that waving a little card received after injection will not become an internal passport in this country. Aside from anything else, the scope for fraud with such a system, once we get to the stage of vaccinations by GPs and pharmacies, will be considerable and will be much increased if privileges flow from being vaccinated.

2020: 800 COVID & 100 flu deaths = 900 deaths
2019: 900 flu deaths
2018: 900 flu deaths
2017: 1700 flu deaths….                                                                                              And for this, our freedoms have gone & they want us all to get vaccinated – they can fuck off. I don’t know anyone who has died from COVID let alone anyone who has had it. I hope we never get a real pandemic……

Why weren’t SARS and MERS declared pandemics. We are told that so many millions worldwide have died from Covid 19. We also know, as has been stated, that whatever you went into hospital with, if you died, it said Covid on the death Certificate. We also know that the flu has virtually disappeared this year. We also know that over 99% of people suffered mild symptoms, just like the flu. We also know, just like the flu, if you have other diseases or conditions, the symptoms can be much worse. Covid 19 was very convenient in 2020 to instil fear in people, lockdown countries and collapse economies. All part of the globalist playbook.

The TGA admits it couldn’t even round up enough people with COV19 to run a proper clinical trial. But its the Most Rigorous Testing EVER. The multi-year approval process previously was just the TGA being slow and corrupt. No politics and influence at work in their decision at all. “No pressure guys, it’s just that if you don’t approve this drug we’re going to keep everyone including you imprisoned for life, and the Americans are watching, and so are the companies who will miss out on billions of dollars all over the world because of you people personally, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision!”

The Australian government banned Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid positive patients. What’s more of an unknown, Hydroxychloroquine or Bill Gates brand new gene-modifying vaccine?Gladys says the vaccine lowers symptoms.

If 99% of people already don’t know they have Covid or have very mild symptoms why would you stick an unknown, untested vaccine into your body when the vast majority are not ill in the first place. The lefties argument is caring for your fellow man. Well if the vaccine doesn’t stop you carrying or spreading the virus, WTF is the point.

This isn’t a vaccine, it’s gene therapy. The experimental mRNA gene therapy injections have never been released to use on the mass population ever, until now. This is very new, and calling it a “vaccine” is typical wormtongue speak. It is a “not vaccine”. People that are not in a high risk group that take this new mRNA genetic therapy are largely only doing it because an authority figure said to, to avoid social shame, and to keep getting stuff (airline travel, public transport, govt benefits, etc). Do not take it – as you may suffer some horrible unintended consequences.

It doesn’t matter how complex you believe immunology to be if you want to present yourself as an expert you have to be in a position to hurt if and when you get things wrong. Even public servants (outside Health Departments) have to be accountable for their mistakes. Indeed, in most areas of medicine doctors themselves are accountable. But in the case of vaccines, there is zero accountability. None. From anybody. Not immunologists, not virologists, not epidemiologists, not doctors, not politicians. How can you know this fact and still maintain your belief in these clowns?

I’m sorry, but in my professional experience, I formed the opinion that something was off when various state governments banned the use of hydroxychloroquine; azithromycin and downplayed the effectiveness of an ivermectin drip and Vitamin D. Any medical procedure (including vaccines), needs to take into account factors that are unique in an individual. When bureaucrats are involved in the practice of medicine, it ceases to be medicine and instead becomes politics. I could site a myriad of studies in medical journals for the aforementioned ethicals, but for whatever reason, the government seeks to shut down any real discussions of these. MD’s, like in every other profession, have excellent practitioners, good practitioners, poor & dreadful practitioners. Unfortunately what we have seen in 2020/21 is that excellent/good practitioners who have dared to question the official narrative, have been labelled as crackpots and been threatened by the state health authorities, whilst dreadful practitioners who have echoed the official narrative, have been elevated to prominent/formally prestigious positions (no names, but take a guess). As for myself, I will not be taking the vaccine until 1)politics has ceased to be a primary driver in the practice of medicine; 2) They stop threatening people with consequences who choose not to participate (for legitimate medical reasons that are none of the Governments business; or because an individual may be just a crackpot). I’ll just get put on the register suggesting that I have taken the vaccine and go about my life. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this, but hey, that’s politics.**For the record, questioning the efficacy/risk of a new vaccine for a new virus is not being an anti-vaxxer, it was, however, an integral part of medical risk minimisation. Unfortunately, this process has been subverted.

Interestingly enough, the Chinese have apparently declined to grant the permission for the mRNA vaccines to be used in their country. Their own vaccine, similar to the Russian Sputnik 1, is based on the more orthodox methodology of using actual viral matter, rather than just the spike protein. Take from this what you will, but I think the more important issues remain: 1) The strong possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement reaction – i.e. the reason why there has never in the past been a successful coronavirus vaccine. This would only show up further down the track, possibly even after a few years, when another version of this virus comes along. A nice little time bomb, in other words. Maybe that’s why it normally takes up to a decade before new vaccines are allowed to be used in humans? 2) The guaranteed future mutations, quite normal for this type of virus, which will make the vaccine ineffective and will presumably require another version to be administered, further exacerbating the possibility of ADE. 3) IMHO the most important part of this, which is the fact that COVID is not particularly dangerous and we have somehow managed to survive this far with the annual flu, without locking everyone up repeatedly and without forcing them to take the flu vaccine. So, has every one of our Dear Leaders lost their mind, are they really this stupid, or is there some other agenda?

To add to my post above above, our very own researchers, testing the effectiveness of asthma inhalers, have found (quoting directly): “When we first began the trial back in March [2020], we were hoping for 50 per cent reduction [in risk of developing serious symptoms], which itself would have been very high,” QUT associate professor Dan Nicolau said. “We got 90 per cent, which even with only a few hundred people is off the charts. “And it’s not just the overall result – their temperatures are less, they get less fever, and they recover faster.” Clinical trials with health workers in the USA have found that the therapy of Ivermectin, plus topical treatment (nasal & bucal) with iota carrageenan resulted in precisely zero new infections. Say again, why are we having the ‘COVID vaccine for everyone’ conversation?

Like many others I prefer to see the vaccination proven in the general population before I deliberately subject myself to it. And that’s the point – the decision to be vaccinated, or not, is a personal decision and one that must not be mandated, and for the following reasons: 1. There are virtually no new cases of COVID in Australia apart from the virus being shared between members of very specific populations, and even then very few and very low incidences of mortality 2. Vaccine trials are on very small populations, and so any adverse effects may not be known until the general population starts receiving it 3. For most people who have had COVID they have recovered very well 4. If there is an outbreak of COVID, it seems we can control it quite well (at least while the scale is small) 5. Having a needle jabbed into your arm is not a risk-free exercise. The benefits need to outweigh the risks. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t See 2 above. So, I prefer to wait and see, since I’m hardly at risk, nor am I risk to others. Nothing to do with 5G and other crackpot, tin-hat conspiracy theories. While I trust that the TGA are doing their job, I also accept they are under pressure to approve COVID vaccines and may have got it wrong. Time will tell.

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