Trump impeachment trial ends as it was always going to

TRUMP 2, IMPEACHMENT 0. The Democrats have converted impeachment from a measure of “high crimes and misdemeanors” to simply an indicator that the House of Representatives is controlled by the opposition party. Once again, people claiming to stand up in favor of institutions and traditions against Donald Trump have actually wrecked those institutions and traditions out of pique. This has done lasting damage to the Republic, and they don’t care. They never care.

As I told my twentysomething Con Law students, they have now lived through 75% of America’s presidential impeachments. Of course, if they were one year old, they would still have lived through 50%.

That’s not normal, and the source of the abnormality isn’t Trump.

That’s from Instapundit where the best of the comments thread leads with this:

Since he wasn’t removed, Trump should show up for work tomorrow

I will say this again. I have lived through three almost Identikit presidents: JFK, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. They were free market, anti-racist and anti-communist, as well as funny and personally humane in all their dealings. What has changed is the nature of the left which has become totalitarian in its aims and ambitions.

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