Political football

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Only once a year do I watch an American football game and that is for the Superbowl which was yesterday. That is Tom Brady, the quarterback for the winning team which has disappointed everyone on the left, including this: Tom Brady Called ‘Racist’ on Social Media for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month. I also thought this was funny in its own sad way:

Well that Super Bowl was a throwback to the lopsided boring games of the 1980s. But it might not be over. Even though the NFL stopped counting points when the clock ran out, I am reliably informed that there will be 12 mail-in touchdowns for the Chiefs coming in tomorrow morning at 4 am, putting the Chiefs over the top.

I was the only one in the pub where I watched who even noticed the game was on. But a good time was had by all, or at least by me.

2 thoughts on “Political football

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  2. did u see just before anthem(s) when speak over announced: ‘And now for our 1st lady’ … next shot was Joe n Jill Biden – both spoke. Was wasn’t Joe introduced … weird. Then after Jill spoke freely Joe spoke reading off prompter and concluded “let’s have a minute silence for all who have died from covid”… next shot was back at game and no-one did the 1 minute silence. I thought to myself: Who was the old guy near Jill?

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