If there were a military coup in the United States it would look just like this

I saw this and found it funny. I asked myself, what if it’s true? How would you know? “I believe the military is in control”, “Joe Biden is a fake president”.

The one thing I am more sure of than anything else. Joe Biden is not running his administration, and if Kamala Harris took over, she wouldn’t be either.

And then there was this: A Report from a guardsman in Washington on Capitol Hill. There you find this, and while you read the story, ask yourself what are these people doing in Washington right now?

My guard unit was called up last [week] to help secure the Capitol and has been providing security since [January 16]. In 48 hours of on-duty security I have not seen a single protester — only one drunk guy who cussed my 2nd platoon (which raised morale for a good two hours – soldiers like and respect fluent profanity).

Last night I saw probably 2000 riot-prepared soldiers unload from buses and enter the perimeter. This level of military involvement surpasses overreaction, skips past overkill, and pegs “insane.” Whoever ordered this response is completely out of touch with reality.

Twenty thousand is a difficult number to explain. It’s especially strange how it’s a much larger number, relatively, than in 7 A.D. when Varian lost about that many in the Teutoburg forest. But 20,000 troops is three times as many as I deployed to Kuwait with in 2019 for a rotation there, and that seemed huge.

The cost of having these troops in the District of Columbia for one week, including all the movement, food, hotel rooms, and medical probably runs over $100 million. It is just another data point that indicates the people running the country are not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

And now (I wrote my first draft several days ago) there is word that “some National Guard units” will remain in DC through MARCH to “guard the senate.” To guard the Senate? For THREE MONTHS?

And then there was this: Health Sec Says It’s a ‘Long, Long, Long’ Way off from End of Lockdown. Covid is all but gone, but not the lockdown! The story is about Britain, but could just as well have been about the US.

And then to add to the picture there was this to ponder: Your Government is Afraid of You.

The Swamp is terrified of Trump – still. That explains their fixation on eradicating him and his movement. “Trumpism” was not extinguished when Joe Biden raised his right hand to become the 46th president.

Fear grips The Swamp. Here is some evidence: the military occupation of Washington, DC; claims of “insurrection”; Speaker Pelosi’s interference with the military command structure; more baseless claims of dark Russian conspiracies; serious discussion of reeducation camps for Trump supporters; marginalizing and criminalizing all things “Trump” – those are all expressions of fear.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and President Biden keep using the word “insurrectionists” to describe the rowdy Trumpsters who raided the Capitol building unlawfully two weeks ago. That is deliberate. It makes all the respectable, career politicians, government drones and DC political operatives appear to be “victims” – draped in the flag and bravely defending the Constitution. It also criminalizes all of their opposition. Not just the protestors who raided the Capitol, but all Trump supporters – across the USA – and those opposed to The Swamp mentality to which we have now returned.

There were more troops in Washington, DC guarding the inauguration of Joe Biden than are in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. 25,000 National Guardsmen from 13 states, plus more than 2,000 Active Duty military from the Metro DC region. There was also the full panoply of federal and D.C. law enforcement. From Metropolitan Police to the Postal Service. Remember: No one was allowed to go to the Inauguration. The National Mall was closed. Blocks and blocks of downtown DC were shutdown with jersey barriers, 12-foot metal fencing and armed checkpoints. You are supposed to believe this is a “normal” security precaution. You are not supposed to question if the reaction is excessive, heavy-handed or unprecedented.

And if someone was actually trying to launch a military takeover of the American government how would it be different? I would like to put some kind of lighthearted tail to this story – ha, ha, everything will be better come the morning – but somehow I don’t find any of this all that funny. It may just be optics plus my imagination, but how will I know and when will I actually know it?

3 thoughts on “If there were a military coup in the United States it would look just like this

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  2. The pages of History beckon to us. Biden or Harris will be our Allende, and as in Chile, we will see the business and wealth class begging our military to take over and run things. The Marxists who are hellbent upon the death of America are writing themselves a very bad ticket. The story of the civil war of Spain in the nineteen thirties also has parallels with today’s events as well as what is to come. The last election was fraudukent, and how can we expect future elections to now be run honestly? We face rising inflation, taxation, crime, disease, and an end to the American Dream. I await History’s judgement.

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