“That’s the definition of fascism”

Fascism was socialism restricted to the confines of a single national state, compared with classical Marxism which was supposed to be international, as in “workers of the world unite” etc. This is from Instapundit.


Those who think they like this new censorship really need to step back and take the long view. Conspiracy theories about taking down Donald Trump will go on for 100 years. All of these efforts at suppression will be woven and rewoven into these theories. Driving the theories off the front pages of social media will make them wilder and crazier, and we won’t be able to see them or argue with them. How many millions of serious devotees does Trump have? What will they do now? Why is depriving them of their Twitter connection a wholesome curative?

When you have the leaders of business implementing the political agenda of a political party against its opposition, that’s the definition of fascism.

The corporate state as it is otherwise known. Not that it will do you much good to know the kind of political entity the United States has become, but it is nevertheless useful to know.

BTW go to the story at the link and then read the comments.

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