Victoria is shutting down interstate travel so Victorians don’t spend their money in other states

Each voucher gives the recipient the right to claim a reimbursement of $200 if they have spent at least $400 on accommodation, experiences, tours or attractions for a minimum 2 nights in paid accommodation in regional Victoria, the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges or the Mornington Peninsula. Regional Travel Voucher Scheme

Just occurred to me now as I was lying in bed thinking about the Travel Vouchers in association with the absurd obstacles being put in the way of going to Sydney for Christmas. There are virtually no Covid cases in Victoria. Andrews doesn’t want us to travel interstate at Christmas because we would then be spending our money somewhere else. Nothing to do with Covid, other than as an excuse. He really is the stupidest most repulsive creep ever to be premier of the State.

NOW’S THE MORNING AFTER: Woke up wondering how this would read in the morning. Yet the first comment suggested that there had even been an indication of this already and so I went looking and found the following statement from Jaclyn Symes, the Minister of Tourism, Sport and Major Events taken from her press release of December 12.

“We recognise the serious inconvenience caused to many people by the website issues yesterday.” “These extra vouchers will mean even more people have the chance to get out and about in regional Victoria this summer. “Victorians are clearly excited by the prospect and the extra money poured into communities across Victoria will provide a real boost for businesses and jobs.

The virtual closing of the border is a means to stimulate the economy. They see it as a program “backing local economies and workers across the state”. They really are insane. And naturally with full compliance from the local media. This is The Age this morning: Victoria to ask military for help on borders.

Victoria Police is preparing to set up checkpoints on the NSW border and the state government will ask for military assistance as it moves to implement tougher measures to protect Victoria from Sydney’s growing COVID-19 cluster. Senior Victorian officials were locked in discussions late on Saturday night about hardening border restrictions with NSW and enforcing tougher testing measures as thousands of travellers from Sydney arrived in the state. Government sources with direct knowledge of the talks, who declined to comment on the record, said Victoria Police would step up checks at the road border and a request would be made for Australian Defence Force assistance with the operation.

We are dealing with the Stasi and our own “Berlin Wall”. The Federal Government needs to start sorting this out and with no delay.

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