It’s not the Covid cases I worry about but the mental cases

A university education in the arts is such an inane form of leftist brainwashing that it is hard to credit just how dumb their products are. But there we find them running our governments and the media. The pathetic response to a handful of Covid cases in Sydney is beyond madness. We are truly dealing with hysterical nutters. From The Oz: Coronavirus Australia live news: States set to slam borders shut as Sydney COVID-19 outbreak spreads.

Infections linked to the cluster on Sydney’s northern beaches stood at 29 on Friday and are ­expected to rise this weekend, with premiers of other states eyeing tougher travel restrictions that could further disrupt Christmas travel plans.

Is that number really 29 in a population of eight million? That is 0.00036% of the NSW population. And these are the number of CASES and not deaths. No one is dying from the damn thing, other than people who are detected with the virus in their bodies following a fatal motorcycle accident. Seriously, how do we deal with fools like this:

The outbreak of coronavirus on Sydney’s northern beaches has been a sharp reminder of the danger of complacency and why Australians must remain vigilant in the months ahead, Labor Senator Tim Ayres says.

If only we could find an oasis of complacency somewhere. And then in Victoria we have this: Two new quarantine cases for Victoria as authorities urge against Sydney travel. Two CASES in a population of 6.5 million amounts to 0.000003% of the population. We are crazy, but the seriousness with which our media carry these stories make you wonder just how monstrous bizarre are the fools we live amongst along with the fools we elect to run our governments and report the news.

I thought once the election in the US ended, the hysteria would end and back to normal we would return. Clearly, this is a platform upon which who knows what forms of political control will be based so on it goes. We have no deaths and a vaccine to come in a matter of weeks so something more is on the prowl. But there goes Christmas with the family. Every time I see one of these imbeciles walking down the street here in Melbourne wearing a mask when no masks are required I am reminded of just what nitwits we live amongst.

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