The Great Election Heist of 2020

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Near as I can tell, from the Democrat side, they are happy because a Democrat will be president. Why that should make them happy remains lost on me, but perhaps time will tell. The issue that still seems incomprehensible to these same Democrats is not, and never has been, who will make a better president, but who actually won the election based on the electoral college system that has been in place since the eighteenth century. You are either for constitutional government according to the rules of the game, or you are not. The Democrats are not. They are fascist totalitarians. And therefore according to their own standards of right and wrong, they have won the presidency so the rest of us can now sod off.

Of course, the media issue of the moment in the US seems to be Mrs Biden’s doctorate, or pardon me, Doctor Biden’s honorific, as discussed here: Jill Biden’s Doctorate Is Garbage Because Her Dissertation Is Garbage. Personally speaking, I don’t find this a very important issue. There is also quite a bit about young Hunter Biden at the moment. Apparently, his thieving ways have now come to the American media’s attention. Is this now going to become actual news? Are the Democrats looking for a way to shove Joe aside and replace him with that tower of intellect, strength and integrity, Kamala Harris whose husband, so far as I know, has no higher degrees to rubbish, although on the downside he is a lawyer. His name, by the way, is Douglas Emhoff. That’s Jill and Doug in the photo above wearing the masks they may have been wearing during The Great Election Heist of 2020. Speaking of which:


Anyway, the election has put an end to America’s pretensions about the Land of the Free etc. The above is from Ace of Spades who would also like to remind you that the election was stolen and anyone who denies it reveals themselves as liars and worse.

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