The Biden era begins

A senile man, perhaps even on the point of death, will likely be inaugurated in a few weeks’ time, and perhaps then followed by a completely vacuous WoC who will succeed him. There is nothing at the top other than a vacuum that will be filled with the committee of fools among the Deep State who think they will be running things so that we are heading back to business as usual, and perhaps we are.

And perhaps we aren’t. Trump’s achievements have been so massive, with peace in the Middle East almost beyond belief, and almost entirely due to his diplomacy, so his leadership will be missed. And while PDT will almost surely never run for President again, the US will have something that its system does not normally generate, a Leader of the Opposition. The media, both mainstream and social, will do all they can to silence him after January, but with the election result so obviously fraudulent, there will remain a hollow brittle structure at its core that will not likely be able to withstand the pressures that will build from so many directions. Trump will be there to provide a chorus of commentary that others will listen to, including the majority of Americans who voted for him and have learned to trust him.

What would Biden do if North Korea again started up its nuclear weapons development? What will happen in the Middle East if Iran does the same? What will Biden do if China attacks Taiwan? I don’t know. You don’t know. And certainly LIQ doesn’t know either. And there will be problems no one can even now conjure up that will suddenly materialise. What to make of this?

Clearly Trump’s performance and behaviour encouraged a large number of people to get out and vote against him. I wish he had acted more reasonably and with greater decorum during his presidency, he may then have won a second term.

It is all these narrow-chested, soy boy dweebs who worry about “behaviour” and “decorum” who will be the ruin of us. This instead is what is really important: Real Men Voted for Trump. Real women too, because of the kind of person absolutely required to run America at a moment of such high danger as this.

A new poll from the Survey Center on American Life found that self-reported “masculine men” overwhelmingly supported President Trump in the last election, 55 percent to 35 percent (“less masculine” men went for Biden 58 percent to 40 percent). Yet even without the alpha dog in the White House, these masculine men will battle the Swamp. That’s because tough guys will do what they always do: usurp tyranny and unreality, beginning with the liberal dream of a Rainbow Coalition. The greatest obstacle to a permanent majority of minorities is male bonding, which partly explains the record high non-white turnout for Trump. In the same poll, 71 percent of black men and 70 percent of Hispanic men (a group that includes me) identify as “completely masculine.” Pitiably, only 54 percent of white men do — too many having buckled under their racial and gender shaming by liberals.

There is no doubt that the North Koreans, Chinese, Iranians and the rest will brush aside anyone who is not prepared to tough things out. Joe Biden or Kamala Harris versus the Ayatollahs. Give me a break. We are in perilous times.

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