Resisting the new feudalism

To my astonishment I have just watched a segment on Nine News about the Georgia election fraud which was straight down the line. They have probably not got around to mentioning the other states where fraud was almost equally evident since it is hard to argue with actual video footage of fake ballots being pulled from under a table. Nevertheless, there are people like LIQ who are partisan to such an extent that they are prepared to subvert democratic processes to get their candidate up. I don’t really know what to make of a mentality that can even as late in the day as this write such a vacuous piece as It’s over – Biden won fair and square. What remains fascinating is that such people exist, and in large numbers too. As is typical of such arguments, it is all generalisation with no specifics other than the usual boilerplate:

His behaviour since the election has been nothing short of scandalous. trying to tear the country apart and grossly mismanaging the coronavirus pandemic, leading to massive deaths and human misery.

I find it interesting that in this “post-election” environment, part of the approach taken by the Republicans is to remind people what a Biden presidency will look like, with CurrencyLad’s Biden’s first order of business: letting men into girls’ toilets a perfect example. There is also this which I have just come across: Trump team capitalizes on new report about small biz pessimism after November election, and there’s plenty more where that came from. Only now are many Americans waking up to just how bad a Biden presidency would be. It will be even worse than they can imagine, but at least there is a growing understanding of where things will end up.

That a proportion even among the Republican Party is content to let Biden become president even through obvious fraud is part of what is so depressing. But it won’t be over until the Supreme Court makes a decision one way or the other. The sheer anti-democratic anti-freedom idiocy of turning a blind eye to unmistakeable election fraud because you would prefer a different result from the actual one demonstrates a totalitarian mindset that if allowed to succeed will turn the West into the new feudalism. That is what The Great Reset is trying to achieve on behalf of incompetent bureaucratic elites who are filled with stupid socialist centrally-determined plans but have no idea why we have been able to create prosperity beyond anything that has ever before been achieved.

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