Modern feminism is the biggest lie of them all

The number of women who said they would prefer to work from home has spiked from 67 per cent to 84 per cent.

Who is this woman, who is she talking to and what is she doing? Here’s a clue. This is the photo that accompanies an article titled, Genders split on working from home. She is apparently a woman at work from at home. And this is the first line of the article:

More women are keen to keep working from home as the COVID-19 threat recedes, while men are increasingly happy to return to the workplace.

Somehow and for some reason everything about the picture dissuades me that she is involved in some kind of productive activity, or at least productive so far as her employer is concerned. But what do I know about such things? Then there is this: Young men really are the most aggressive drivers, AAA survey says but the first line of the article makes the actual point.

Drivers aged 39 or younger are the most likely to speed and engage in other aggressive and dangerous behaviors, with men being more likely to engage in risky behavior pretty much across the board.

Women are much more risk averse. Merely looking at workplace death statistics makes it as clear as one could possibly wish to see. And then there was this: Woke women are killing marriage and dating.

This is what the far-left culture has produced: a generation of women whose anger and resentment toward men and marriage precludes them from not only having a sense of humor but from acquiring any critical thinking skills. There’s no middle ground anymore, no place for cogent conversation. It’s just hate. With so many women conditioned to believe that women are irreproachable and men are toxic, the future of marriage and family is bleak. Some women will learn, down the road, that they’ve been fed a mountain of lies. Those are the women I coach. They are in desperate need of a new relationship roadmap, one that works and that welcomes understanding the very real and very deep biological differences between the sexes.

There is also this which adds to the mass of the moment: Study: Female Academics Especially Fuel Charge To Turn Higher Ed Into Therapy.

The findings also highlighted that female professors emphasized more social justice and emotional well-being compared to their male counterparts. Academics in hard disciplines, such as business, emphasized more rigor and knowledge advancement compared to soft subjects, such as education, where professors emphasized students’ emotional well-being above all.

Most of these findings align with previous research related to sex differences in values. The paper highlights some of the past literature, which reinforced that conservatives are more in favor of ideological diversity than are liberals.

Additionally, sex differences in political orientations are also reflected in academic values: Males score higher in assertiveness and competitiveness, while females score higher in trust, anxiety, and nurturance. This is particularly similar to previous research from the Martin Center, co-authored by The Federalist’s Joy Pullmann and me, which also highlighted how sex and ideology influence different pedagogic styles and research choices, even within similar subfields.

These happen to be four stories I came across in less than a week. Women seek the safest possible environment and men do what they can to provide it. For many women, it is the government that is their main provider of income and protection. They are bitter and filled with hatreds for men, but such is life. Any male looking for a long-term relationship, such as one that ends only upon the death of one of the partners, the modern woman of the West is a very bad proposition. It is a tragedy for us all, for women as much as men.

Here is the reality as found in the movies and in the modern novel. A guy will see some Action Hero – an Arnold Schwarzenegger type – and never for a moment think he might be anything like him or even wish to be in any of the kinds of situations Arnie finds his way out of. A woman will go to the flicks or read some Mills and Boon trash and imagine that is just how it ought to be and think what she sees in the film or reads in her novels is a realistic model for how she might one day find herself within. It is a fantasy that will set her up for major disappointments and a life of misery on her own.

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