Donald Trump discusses voter fraud

Thank you to Eddystone for providing the full presentation.

Where I originally found this was in a truncated form at Youtube from The Sun in the UK although I am sure it could be found somewhere in the US. What I am also sure is that if it were in a mainstream paper in the US, it would have the same kind of heading as was here: “Donald Trump bizarre rant claiming election system is under ‘coordinated assault & siege’.” The problem is that part of the assault and siege is undertaken by the media who are the people least fit to defend our way of life. According to one of the comments on the video:

The media isn’t reporting this in America and on the actual video youtube have capped the views at 495k and are controlling the comments.

Given how hard it was to find the video this would not surprise me at all that it’s true. Do these people on the left even know what fascism is? There is also this from a couple of days ago.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump discusses voter fraud

  1. I tried to send a link of your blog via private message to a friend; and facebook messager blocked my message: “(#368) The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed”

    I only just started reading you blog since I saw one of your articles in Quadrant but now I will be following you closely since your now deemed forbidden knowledge by the Tech Oligarchs, and your advocacy for classical theories of economics.

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