The least surprising news I may have ever read

Andrews support strong, but Liberal leader floundering: poll.

In a week that saw new daily COVID-19 cases drop to single digits after a peak of 725 in August, an Ipsos poll commissioned by The Age and Nine News found 52 per cent of Victorians surveyed approved of the way Mr Andrews had performed his role, with 33 per cent disapproving.

The online poll conducted over three days last week before Mr Andrews’ decision on Sunday to temporarily delay easing restrictions or Monday’s announcement that they would proceed this week. The poll’s findings are devastating for the opposition.

Only 15 per cent approved of Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien’s performance during the pandemic. His approval rating among even Coalition supporters surveyed was just 27 per cent.

The Melbourne Syndrome is strong. Andrews will almost certainly be gone by the next election since he will bail out before all the vultures come home to roost. I can only assume the Libs have decided to lose the election rather than be in charge of fixing the fantastic mess that will need to be dealt with. At least there was Peta Credlin there to give Dan the belting he deserved.

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