Far-left in-bred ignorance

If you left it to the kinds of people like Troy Bramston you would never have heard of the efforts by Obama and Biden (plus a host of others amongst the Democrats) to subvert the 2016 election. This is how his typically nonsensical column begins today:

Trump has been a terrible president. He has divided Americans, deliberately deceived and lied, trashed the moral norms and conventions of politics, treated his opponents and the media as the enemy, undermined the post-war liberal order and diminished alliances abroad. Faced with a great test — COVID-19 –— he failed abysmally. But it is Trump’s autocratic instincts that would most concern the founders. He has destabilised and damaged institutions of governance, especially the Justice Department, treated his cabinet with disdain and cozied up to dictators and despots. He believes he is above the law.

One ignorant assertion after another without the slightest evidence to back it up. As for using social media to get the facts, I googled, “Russian Collusion Hoax” and this is what came up first:

Partisan Claims of ‘Russia Hoax’ Revived Ahead of 2020 …

http://www.factcheck.org › 2020/10 › partisan-claims-of-russ…

Claim: “The Russia hoax was Hillary’s plan.”

Claimed by: Donald Trump Jr.

Fact check by FactCheck.org: No Evidence

This, by the way, is the first comment on Troy’s article under “Best”:

Can’t agree Troy. The born to rule Left Establishment, the Washington “swamp”, the privileged elites, the Hollywood glitterati, the Wall Street bankers, the Globalists,  trashed the USA. They were the disease, Trump was a symptom, not the cause. When the Democrats chose the smug, entitled Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, the forgotten, derided and ignored blue collar working class had nowhere else to go other than to Trump. When she doubled down on her sneering contempt for law abiding working class Americans by labelling them as “deplorables” the die was cast. The working class decided “We’re not going to take it. anymore” To say Trump has divided America is simplistic and straight out of the Democrat’s handbook. Trump didn’t worship Davos Man, Obama did. Trump didn’t sacrifice American industry to China, Obama did. Trump, on first meeting Biden, didn’t hand a note to an aide “Shoot. Me. Now.”, Obama did. Trump doesn’t support the lawlessness, the looting, the burning of American cities. He wholeheartedly condemns it. The Democrats don’t. Whatever the result of the US election, the nation will remain divided. As always the blue collar working class will suffer the most, more especially if the Democrats are victorious. Whether the working class are prepared to again meekly submit to these privileged elites whose sneering contempt for them is obvious, remains to be seen.

Might also add in this while we’re here:

In this weekend’s WSJ, Peggy Noonan sums up Kamala’s ‘shtick’ perfectly:

….For her part, vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is, when on the trail, giddy. She’s dancing with drum lines and beginning rallies with “Wassup, Florida!” She’s throwing her head back and laughing a loud laugh, especially when nobody said anything funny. She’s the younger candidate going for the younger vote, and she’s going for a Happy Warrior vibe, but she’s coming across as insubstantial, frivolous. When she started to dance in the rain onstage, in Jacksonville, Fla., to Mary J. Blige’s “Work That,” it was embarrassing. Apparently you’re not allowed to say these things because she’s a woman, and she’s doubling down on giddy because you’re not allowed to say them. I, however, take Ms. Blige’s advice to heart: I will not sweat it, I will be myself. Kamala Harris is running for vice president of the United States in an era of heightened and unending crisis. The world, which doubts our strength, our character and our class, is watching. If you can’t imitate gravity, could you at least try for seriousness?….

Comes with this:

Reading the media is worse than superficial. It reminds you that much if not most of the media is a form of far-left in-bred ignorance.

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