The stupidest political leader in the world

Daniel Andrews will be remembered a century from now having set the standard for incompetence and stupidity in office that will never be exceeded.

Melbourne coronavirus live coverage: Seven new cases, major easings of restrictions delayed.

Premier Daniel Andrews has put a “cautious pause” on any major changes to Melbourne’s restrictions. The city’s 14-day rolling average has dipped below five after seven new cases of coronavirus were recorded overnight. But it was good news for regional Victoria, where more restrictions were rolled back.

Former health minister Jenny Mikakos criticises Dan Andrews for not opening up.

Former health minister Jenny Mikakos has accused Daniel Andrews of having “paralysis in decision-making” after the Premier refused to open up the state.

He has never said a single intelligent thing in all the times I have listened in. The paralysis is based on his low intellect which has been visible from the start, evident from his never having any idea what to do. What can be done with such a fool?

“Nothing can be guaranteed, except the fact that we will be guided by the data and the science,” he said.

“We have come a long way … there are results that are pending and we do not have those processed tests.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Health confirmed there were no deaths from the virus on Saturday.

Six of Sunday’s new cases are linked to the northern suburbs outbreak.

Melbourne’s 14-day rolling average has dropped to 4.6 with just nine mystery cases between October 9 and 22.

Regional Victoria’s rolling average has dipped to 0.2. In total, there are 100 active cases in Victoria.

As if he is ever guided by anything other than his knuckle-dragging instincts.

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