“The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure”

I already know you cannot trust the media to get anything right, but this today reached the absolute limit of my credulity:

The Victorian Premier is under intense pressure …

Pressure? From whom? Where? When? State? Federal? There is, of course, we at Catallaxy. There is late night Sky: Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Paul Murray. There are The Outsiders. And then, what, who?

Had Daniel Andrews done nothing at all, absolutely nothing, which would have included not banning HCQ, there would almost certainly have been fewer deaths in Victoria, and the economy, both state and national, would be miles ahead of where we now are. Andrews is a true contender for having been the worst political leader, with the greatest cause of harm and damage, of any leader Australia has ever had. Part of the reason is that Victoria may also now have the worst opposition party in Australian history. I went looking for “Michael O’Brien belt and road” and this is what I found: ‘Dud deal’: Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien vows to scrap Belt and Road initiative. It begins:

Victoria’s Opposition Leader says he will dump the State Government’s controversial involvement in China’s Belt and Road Initiative if he is elected leader at the next state election.In a statement issued on Saturday morning [obviously designed for maximum impact], Michael O’Brien said the decision was not made lightly but the deal was “not in Victoria’s interests”.

“It doesn’t support our sovereignty, our security or our jobs,” he said.

“Daniel Andrews’ dud deal has failed to advance Victoria’s interests.”

“Has failed to advance Victoria’s interests” !!!!! Wow! As bad as that, was it? Failed to advance Victoria’s interests. Talk about fire and brimstone, that has gone to the far limit. If we are looking for a more edgy approach to a critique of Daniel Andrews, you will have to turn to Power-hungry Premier Andrews must consider partyroom views on coronavirus in today’s Oz by Adem Somyurek, a former Labor minister for small business and local government, who now sits on the crossbenches in the Victorian Legislative Council. Two comments really say it all:

C’mon Adem – you’re the numbers man. If Victorian Labor believes that Andrews has overstepped the mark, there is an easy way for them to fix that. The Victorian people have to wait for the next election, BUT the Victorian Labor Party can act now, if they truly give a stuff – but I think they don’t.


Mr Somyurek, If you feel so strongly on this issue, why did you abstain from the vote to extend Dan’s powers?

This is a bit more like it.

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