The worst president of my lifetime, except for all the others

That Donald Trump won’t get the Nobel Peace Prize is a blot on the judgement of the Nobel Committee, along with virtually the whole of the foreign policy establishment of the United States. You hardly even hear any of it in the press, and it’s played down as if it were just another day at the office. These are from Instapundit. For this alone he should hold his place in history as one of the greatest presidents who has ever held that office. Interesting also that this is the 19th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

Now Bahrain? Trump Really Does Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!

Donald Trump (with significant help from Jared Kushner and Mike Pompeo) seems to be doing what few thought possible after decades of Oslo Accords failure—bringing peace to the Middle East.

Only the other day, to the consternation of the usual suspects, the president was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for helping engineer the new peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Now we have Bahrain added to the mix, apparently also making a deal with the Jewish state.

Cementing those ties, Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa will be arriving in Washington Monday to attend the Tuesday ceremony where Israel and the UAE will formalize their ties, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Saudi Arabia—that is known to have been sharing intelligence with Israel for some time and is now allowing overflights of its territory by El Al—seems poised for a similar recognition.

How could this have happened? It could not be more obvious it all began to reach fruition when Trump withdrew from the Iran Deal—the awkwardly-named Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA). Some action!

Why Barack Obama wanted to enter into such a bizarre and ineffectual semi-agreement (it was never really formalized) with the biggest state sponsor of terrorism remains one of the mysteries of our era.

Theories exist, but suffice it to say the net result was billions in the mullahs’ coffers with which they were able to finance their murderous proxies (Hezbollah, Houthis, Hamas, et. al.), build missiles and other advanced weaponry and extend the Syrian civil war with another quarter of a million corpses not to mention millions more refugees.

That Joe Biden wishes to return to this insanity is reason enough to ban him from all public offices in perpetuity. . . .

Meanwhile, one thing is clear. Trump, unlike so many before him, really does deserve that Nobel Peace Prize. He is earning it for actual achievements on the ground.

His predecessor, Barack Obama, won one before he did anything at all, just for “being cool.”

No one knows how the future will unfold, but so far these events are absolutely astonishing.

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