Daniel Andrews’ aim is to destroy capitalism not protect us from a virus

This is from Ronald Reagan:

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

Just came across the quote at Ace of Spades. Had said something similar just a few days before: Ruining you is just the aim:

What seems essential for the future is that everyone becomes educated in the Leninist addition to Marxism. Lenin added into the mix how the capitalist system could be overthrown. He was a strategist. We are watching Leninist practice before our eyes.

And where we are watching all of this is in the State of Victoria. Daniel Andrews is a far-left loon. He is the leader of the Socialist-Left in Victoria. His aim in life is to bring down the capitalist system and replace it with a socialist centrally planned economy. If you understood Marx and Lenin, this would be as obvious as the morning dew. Daniel Andrews does not care about protecting the population from Covid. To believe anything he is doing is designed to protect us from this virus means you are ignorant of how a modern Marxist thinks.

I read the papers today which are filled with puzzled queries about what Andrews is up to. For example: Low blow: Covid goal too hard, says WHO adviser Dale Fisher.

A senior World Health Organisation adviser has warned that Victoria’s targets for easing lockdown are “very challenging” and the state should instead boost its capacity to manage outbreaks to live with higher infection rates.

Actually, as a means of dealing with this receding danger, what Andrews is up to is insane. As a means to damage our market economy, what he is doing is made to order. It is good news that the Prime Minister is no longer willing to put up with this any longer. Whether he is onto Andrews’ deeper aims I cannot say, but unless you understand Marxist theory and practice, you will not understand what is being deliberately done.

Surely not the nice Mr Andrews. If that’s how you think, it’s time you followed up on Reagan’s advice. The certainty is that Dan is not going to explain all this to you himself.


I sent the post to a friend where I added this:

These guys were everywhere in the construction unions when I was working at CAI, a man named Norm Gallagher the most prominent. Just looked him up:

Norman Leslie Gallagher was a controversial Australian trade unionist, and Maoist who led the militant Builders Labourers Federation as federal Secretary and as Victorian State Secretary.

Meanwhile Andrews signs on for China’s Belt and Road and they still don’t work it out.

I have also made my way to the middle of The Oz where there was this: Victoria is reminding me of Poland in 1981. Comes with this very appropriate cartoon.

Illustration: Tom Jellett

Plus this from mindfree in the Open Forum last night:

Dicktator Dan doesn’t give a shit about covid-19 infections – it’s just a tool for him to chase after the real agenda. He wants to destroy all private enterprise / business in Victoria as his dream is the perfect socialist model and that is to control all and I mean ALL aspects of our life with government and that includes national and international corporations by having his representatives on their boards to ensure they do the right thing as espoused by him or else – just like the model implemented by his CCP overlords.

He is a malevolent socio – no psychopath in his endeavour to get there. he already has the reputation of doing something I thought 20 years ago was impossible – to destroy the famous restaurant culture of Melbourne but he’s done that….

Andrews is chasing his dream which will be to the detriment of everybody. It has nothing to do with Covid-19. Sutton is a useful idiot at best and at worst loves the lock down satisfies his desire for a world of zero emissions due to climate change – his major hobbyhorse.

I think people are catching on, and none too soon.

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