Perhaps it’s because of our penal colony roots

There were two articles in the Australian today discussing more or less the same issue. First from Adam Creighton: The COVID-19 panic is unnecessary — it is much less threatening than we think. And then from Nick Cater: Founded on risk and reward, now too scared to go out. I will just quote from Nick:

The chance of contracting COVID-19 in Victoria at the moment is less than 0.002 per cent. If Victoria were a country, it would be the 90th least dangerous place on the planet in which to shelter from the pandemic.

In the light of these reassuring facts, it seems surprising so few Victorians are protesting at their government’s gross over-reaction to the virus.

The severity of the spread in Victoria is roughly similar to Canada, which is also experiencing a second wave. Yet there are no reports of Canadians receiving six-month prison sentences for crossing a state provincial border or being wrestled to the ground by police for exposing naked faces.

There is, perhaps, this one extenuating circumstance to explain our craven submission to authority, and particularly Victoria’s, that Australia was founded as a penal colony, so there may remain an overlay of a marshal-law mentality that lies very near the surface within Australian governments, with a matching tendency to submit to this authority within the community. But we were also an English colony with a legal foundation built on the English common law, so that one can still hope there is still somewhere within our national DNA a love of freedom and a hatred of dictatorial restraint.

And to provide some perspective

NED-1434 Pandemics over time - 0

Not saying it definitely won’t kill you, but it is still very unlikely.

Just remember, Daniel Andrews is the kind of guy who if he gets to take your freedom from you will be very reluctant to give it back.

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