Why are our politicians not allowing HCQ to be used in Australia?

It is quite clear that the Chinese flu has become the decisive issue in American politics. Whether we are in a genuine pandemic and whether Donald Trump has taken the right approach or ought to have handled it differently is the one last issue available to the Democrats. Nothing Trump can do or say will ever receive the slightest approval from either the American media or anyone on the left who wishes to see Trump lose the election. Republican states continue to open their economies up and Democrat states continue to lock them down. The Russian hoax was virtually never mentioned during the Democrat National Convention when it had been the single most important issue for the past three years. It’s gone, and CV-1984 has taken its place.

So we have this now: PLASMA TREATMENT EVOKES POLITICAL RESPONSE. Yet another approach to dealing with the virus has been recommended by the President and the left-media have gone berserk once again.

Last night, President Trump announced that the FDA has granted emergency authorization to use plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to treat others who have contracted the disease. Plasma-based treatments have been in the works for some time, and the Mayo Clinic has carried out an extended test of the type of therapy the FDA approved yesterday.

To my knowledge, there are no safety concerns relating to plasma treatments, but critics were quick to claim that there is insufficient evidence of efficacy to support the expedited approval. As usual, the reaction to Trump’s announcement was political, not medical:

“The FDA must approve drugs or vaccines based on their safety and effectiveness – NOT political pressure from the White House,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted on Saturday. “The President’s dangerous attempt to inject himself into the scientific decisions of [U.S. FDA] jeopardizes the health & well-being of all Americans.”

There is no doubt whatsoever that HCQ was condemned across the American media and the American left precisely because Donald Trump had spoken positively about the lives it might save. But that is American politics, and it is as obvious as anything one might have ever observed in the world of politics. My question is this: why is this same issue playing out politically in other countries, and in particular, why has Australia forbidden the use of HCQ for treating Covid?

You would think that how we treated the virus was in some way related to the American election which obviously it is not. Yet we allow people to die without allowing our own doctors to apply HCQ to people who might have otherwise recovered. This is both sickening and inexplicable. Let me quote Terry McCrann on this issue who is as puzzled as I am: Waiting for Godot, from one pandemic debacle to the next.

Further and more critically, there is arguably a better way if we were to actively embrace the two treatment protocols which have been shown to work in other places: Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and Thomas Borody’s ivermectin plus zinc.

Instead, we have seen an extraordinary, nothing short of hysterical, blitz to demonise the first; and now a move by the TGA to kill the second lest it gain some sort of toehold. Borody is being ‘investigated’ for potentially “breaching the ban on advertising COVID-19 treatments”.

Is that not exactly another example of the mandatory stupidity design feature? A blanket ban on advertising a virus treatment? In other words, shut up and just take whatever the “experts” dish out to you — even, mandatorily.

If HCQ plus zinc and ivermectin plus zinc — I have to keep stressing the “plus zinc”, because all, and I mean all, the trials that have “proved” HCQ does not work, have been trials that did not include zinc, the critical joint component — do actually work, even if not to Borody’s claimed 100 per cent for ivermectin, we have a wide open doorway out of the economic-virus nightmare.

We could turn the virus into an irritation. We could open up the economy, and treat anyone testing positive for the virus, just like we do for any other disease/injury.

So why aren’t we doing that? We are not part of the American political world so why are we not just using the tools we have available to cure people who are otherwise being allowed to die? Our politicians have a lot to answer for.

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