HCQ in America … and Uganda!

From Rush Limbaugh on HCQ:

And this great guy, Scott Atlas. Oh, do the media hate this guy. Oh, they hate Scott Atlas. Oh, man.

They’re scared of him because Scott Atlas is the exact 180-degree position from them on the virus. Oh, and there’s something else here, folks. The governor of Minnesota, I believe, is very quietly here coming out in support of hydroxychloroquine. Let me find this. It’s a quiet story. It’s being kept very quiet, and I think… Yes.

Another Democrat “quietly reverses the ban on hydroxychloroquine.” “Minnesota governor quietly reverses course on hydroxychloroquine.” (gasping) Oh, no. And Scott Atlas has been all the way on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. When this governor, when the Minnesota governor quietly reverses course on this… And here’s… You want another little interesting just little tidbit of information?

You’ve heard of the country of Uganda, and the reason you probably have heard of Uganda is because they once had a murderous madman running the show there named Idi Amin Dada, and there were many movies made of Idi Amin Dada. In his own Jeep, he drove around just assassinating people. He was a big guy, just ran around pointing guns, automatic weapons, and shooting people.

Bad guy. Uganda has 42 million people. That’s its population. Idi Amin Dada didn’t quite wipe them all out. Hydroxychloroquine is used every day and all the time in Uganda for malaria. There are lots of mosquitoes in Uganda right there in the middle of Africa, and they have huge malaria problem spread by mosquitos. So hydroxychloroquine is used liberally.

Do you know how many deaths have occurred in Uganda since the pandemic began? Try 13 — 13 deaths in Uganda — and they use hydroxychloroquine liberally for malaria, which is what it was invented for and which is what it was tested for. They’ve had 1,500 coronavirus cases in Uganda — 13 deaths, and 1,142 people have recovered — in large part because of hydroxychloroquine.

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