What is China up to?

I am probably like many others in being unable to focus on the nature of the threat posed by China since I cannot see what is in it for the Chinese. Their own country is threatened by no one. Their leadership can remain where they are till the day not only they die, but also their children and their children’s children when they take their places among the Chinese leadership. Blather blather blather about Taiwan, but then from nowhere the pointless suppression of freedom in Hong Kong. Here, then, is a very comprehensive explanation by David Archibald: Inquiry on Trade with China which is about much more than just trade. It is only the summary but you will get the point.

Australia and China are currently in a state of undeclared war. This will switch to actual war at a time of China’s choosing. It is quite apparent that China has no intention of peaceful co-existence with the rest of the world. They have stated that themselves and in recent years have attacked most of their neighbouring countries, even Bhutan. Just because China’s war of choice will be stupid and destructive doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. It seems that the Chinese feel the need to kill millions of non-Chinese in order to be able to feel better about themselves. The fate to be avoided is the Chinese jackboot grinding into our faces forever.

Is that really it? Madness to me, but then this is hardly the first time such ambitions have led to war. This is the constellation of forces in relation to economic strength.

Whatever else may be the case, there is little doubt that the US and much of Asia are expecting some kind of struggle. The Covid has just been a warning, but this is an issue that we should all keep an eye on since there is quite a disaster that will follow if we misjudge where things are heading.

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