“I have unfettered legal power”

“I’m in charge of spectrum auctions and if I say to you everyone in this room, ‘if you want to bid next week in our spectrum auction you better wear red underpants on your head’, you’ll be wearing them on your head,” he said. “I have unfettered legal power.”

The quote is from Stephen Conroy and may be found here: Conroy plays down ‘red underpants’ comments. They love the power, these totalitarians. Daniel Andrews has never shown himself as anything other than stoopid. But he likes the power to tell everybody else what to do. He has screwed up every single thing he has done since becoming Premier, and especially the lockdown, but he gets to give the orders. He has even sold out Victoria to the Communist Party of China to cover his fantastically large deficit expenditures. Disgusting.

Meanwhile: Coronavirus: Levels of herd immunity in UK may already be high enough to prevent second wave, study suggests.

“The outbreaks look similar at the beginning. But in the heterogeneous population, individuals are not infected at random.

“The highly susceptible people are more likely to get infected first. As a result, the average susceptibility gets lower and lower over time.”

She added: “We just keep running the models, and it keeps coming back at less than 20 percent. It’s very striking.”

I only wish there was herd immunity against voting for socialists. There is, of course, but only after the voting is over plus around half a dozen years. And even then, it’s always only temporary.


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