Whiteness are personal characteristics and not a skin colour

The poster is found here: Smithsonian’s Anti-White Propaganda. It supposedly provides the characteristics of “white culture”, which seems like an astonishingly racist term and generalisation. Even “people of colour” have now also adopted many of these character traits.

Yet for me, reading through the individual items, there does not seem to be a single negative characteristic. Most of it just seems to outline characteristics required for personal achievement in the modern world for anyone who wishes to get on with their own talents and abilities to achieve personal success. Whether anyone personally fits the description, unless they are a member of some dynasty or part of the ruling class where they have been born, their own wealth and wellbeing seem to be largely determined by whether the population they are embedded within have these characteristics, although some do seem to be unnecessary:

  • hardly seems necessary to be from North America
  • Christian religion seems optional – all religious traditions welcome
  • female “subordination” again seems perfectly unnecessary
  • “blonde, thin and Barbie” is plain idiotic
  • not restricted to European traditions
  • virtually no one thinks in terms of “win at all cost”
  • introverts also succeed

The people who put this together are genuinely ignorant at a very deep level. Produce something that others will buy, or possess a skill that others will hire, and you can succeed anywhere within this culture.

Absent either some product provided to the market or some specialised skill, it is hard to earn a large personal income, but can still succeed as an employee. Many do exactly that, and it has nothing to do with “whiteness”.

For more, there is this, which really has been put out by the Smithsonian: Whiteness. These personal characteristics have nothing to do with the colour of one’s skin. They can make all the excuses they like, but skin colour makes no difference in the modern world.

We are surrounded by dangerous fools at every turn. The left is repulsive in almost every respect. How can anyone take such stupidity seriously?

It’s worth having a look at the comments thread at Instapundit.

2 thoughts on “Whiteness are personal characteristics and not a skin colour

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