Everyone knows idiots like these

Via Instapundit, with a couple of comments below.

Sure wish I could meet an intelligent progressive. I’m in my fifties and it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve tried to have conversations with a few self-styled ones. It never takes long to conclude they don’t know much of anything. Not even stuff you would you think they might like literature, art or theater. Science, math, economics; don’t even try that.

Same experience . Amazing. What sets off progressives from others is that it is simply impossible to tell a progressive anything. They have no embarrassment being completely wrong on any particular issue regarding the facts. They have their beliefs. It is really amazing. For example, some years back a progressive younger friend bought a Prius to help reduce the CO2 in the atm. I asked him how much CO2 was in the atmosphere. He said about 20%. This young fellow was university educated, very smart, and a H.S. math teacher. When I told him the truth, (0.35%), he just shrugged off his abysmal ignorance. The facts just don’t matter to these people. On the other had, I know plenty of “blue collar types.” and they actually are much more fact driven than the college educated types. The only conclusion is that the progressives are a cult.

We have created such prosperity and immensely high per capita productivity that even morons survive.

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