Go back to work and not incidentally preserve our freedom

This is my agenda which I just mailed off to a colleague.

If I might say so, dealing with the logic of the lockdown will not save us from this massive assault on our freedoms. The theory is plain enough. If there is an epidemic in which each person individually can pass on the disease to someone else by our proximity to each other, then to limit the reach of the disease, one must limit proximity. If there is more to it than that, I have not noticed. Beyond that basic premise, there were from the start an incredible flow of statistical projections that have turned out not just to be wrong, but overwrought. Every one of these projections has been abandoned. I wish I could say that therefore the rule of “the expert” is now at an end. It actually looks like it is only now just getting into full swing. This, in my view, is a large part of what should concern us.

If you want an economics analogy, we saw the same rule of expertise after the Global Financial Crisis. The supposed economic pandemic disappeared within half a year, but the destructive long-term effects of the various stimulus packages have continued to weigh our economies down to this day.

The problem is, if I may say so, rule by public servants who never have any accountability applied to any errors they make. There is much more that could be said on that, but will just leave it at that. There seems to be no means to unwind what has been set in motion, especially since this has been so monstrously politicised. And with every political leader there has been an associated political agenda, not one of which has done a single bit of good.

Yet we have our own agenda, and this may be the time we bring this agenda into the national conversation. Our agenda is that we should decentralise decision making, allow individual initiative to lead in the search for solutions and medical cures, remove the restraints placed on the economy by the various policies to enforce “social distancing”, and we should open up the market place and allow everyone to get back to work, or to do whatever else they might choose to do. In the meantime, isolate those who are most at risk, and apply certain precautions especially on air travel.

The downside may be some additional deaths and a slightly longer duration of the corona virus within the population, although herd immunity will this way kick in sooner. But my near certainty is that the CV is now past the peak of its virulence. States that open up will not appear any worse off than those that do not. But we should be using this moment to emphasise the elements of our political, economic and social systems for what they are, the greatest protection that each and every person has. We should state clearly that the approach that has been adopted is a losers’ strategy which has no obvious end in sight, and we should be seeking a free and open society, in which everyone understands the risks that are inevitably there, and in which everyone does what they can to secure their own safety. We should make it clear that the government cannot protect you.

The government should obviously remain active in gathering and providing information on how each of us individually needs to act to limit the risks we face. By arguing against a lockdown and in favour of a freedom-based approach would not only be the best solution to the problem of the spread of the corona virus, but would also be in keeping with our own philosophies.

This seems to be similar to the approach suggested by Conrad Black: A Farrago of Democrat Delusions Will Bury Them in 2020.

In a month, Trump had invoked the National Emergencies and War Production Acts to get instant testing, now being conducted 300,000 times a day, and had General Motors and others manufacturing pulmonary ventilator machines. He “flattened the curve,” produced a formidable financial assistance plan for the shut-down country, and now urges everyone to work and school, as we now know that for the eighty percent of people beneath the age of 60 without compromised immune systems, the fatality rate is one for every 22,000 people.

Here is the contrast:

This is the Democrats’ plan: pretend Trump was responsible for the pitiful state of crisis medical response that he inherited, and that he didn’t act promptly in reducing the flow of incoming people from coronavirus-afflicted countries; pretend that he didn’t build an entire emergency medical service in three weeks; pretend that scores of millions of people should remain idle for months for the sake of a statistically very small number of potential deaths among the 260 million healthy Americans beneath the age of 60; pretend that it is Trump’s duty to impoverish a third of his countrymen as he sacrifices himself politically; and pretend that the revelation of unprecedented skulduggery by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign in 2016 in corrupting the FBI and intelligence agencies and using them to try to influence and then undo a presidential election is just a red herring designed to distract the country.

We need to not just open our economies, we need to return to an open society as soon as we possibly can.

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