Typhoid Mary everywhere you turn

It’s not the hypocrisy, it is that they know everything they say is false. They know they are not in danger and they know they are not endangering anyone else. They laugh at us, and think of us as fools.

And then there is the media to report every word as honestly and as accurately as they possibly can. Here is an excerpt from PDT’s new media person if you want to see true professionalism in action. If you are in a hurry, this is the short-form version.

Here’s the whole thing. You can watch from the above excerpt which is right at the end of the press conference and then go back to the beginning.

I vaguely remember her from the campaign. In this role she will be formidable. She understands the issues, the politics and the message she needs to get across. What remains more amazing than anything is that the left can rely on their constituency to vote for them no matter what. They have burned #MeToo to the ground and virtually not a single person among the Democrats, so far as I have been able to tell, has seen this as a reason to change the way they vote.

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