Flock immunity

I wish I knew how better to deal with the lying and duplicity of the left. And for some, the triumvirate of media, entertainment and the academic world is almost enough to generate a majority in every situation. It is also clearly not enough to just answer their stupidities with logic, facts and reason. We have to make their opinions uncool and widen the appreciation that their solutions to everything are uncaring and heartless. They only do harm. We need a better means to make clear that in supporting typical Democrat/left-side solutions to a problem, many people, specially among those who are poor or on low incomes will inevitably be made worse off in the medium term and even more so in the longer run, even if not immediately. But thinking past the immediate moment is the shortest of suits among the left. Historical thinking is no more their forte than logic. Impractical sentimentality is their means to a solution which is why none of their solutions have ever provided an answer to any social problem. We are better off today only because the left live within a capitalist economic structure that provide the goods and services they do nothing to create and very little to distribute towards those on the bottom of the income scale.

It is a conundrum for us. We collectively have only the thinnest sliver of an attachment any longer to the principles of individual responsibility that made our societies what they are. Where we go from here is a great worry. I laugh at the “OK Boomer” notions of the millennial generation whose notion of wisdom today is the hippy idiocies of my generation way back then. We, at least, had the leavening of the actual adults amongst us when we were kids. Now we are the adults so there is all too little that any longer provides that leavening so far as I can tell.

Anyway, we shall see. It worries me that even Donald Trump seems to take this virus business as a serious matter. I think at the beginning he did know it was a scam, but he has been isolated by those others with another view. Socialist isolation is a very bad outcome.

The left are like a plague of locusts, destroying everything in its path. The phrase I use is that we need some means to deal with the “flock immunity” of the left. Those on the left seem impervious to either logic or the real world horrors where their policies have been put into place. More needs to be done. Beyond that, there needs to be greater coordination amongst us on the conservative side of the political divide on how to deal with the viral intellectual toxicity that is highly contagious, specially among the young.

2 thoughts on “Flock immunity

  1. Trump’s instincts were absolutely correct. His problem is that a very large segment of the population is actually scared of this and the media has fanned the flames with all the passion they can muster. Trump is just one man and I don’t see too many really strong enough to fight this tide. Boris and Morrison have both totally surrendered. The Swed’s are almost alone in the west taking a different approach (no one is allowed to talk about Taiwan).

    The media and the left are taking this as the moment to down Trump, and they don’t care how many they kill to achieve it.

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