Is this dumb or what ?

An exchange of emails with a friend which he began under the subject heading, “Is this dumb or what ?”.

He: Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment

Me: Do you really trust the BBC to report a story on Trump accurately?

He: Steve my buddy

He said this during this morning’s daily briefing and I was watching as were millions of others. The video evidence is irrefutable.

Perhaps he should try not ad lib , gets him into too much trouble .

But I guess everyone knows when to ignore his more outrageous comments and tweets by now.

Me: My point really is that you quote only where you think he was wrong.

Me: Why don’t you quote this?


You do know the whole thing is a scam, don’t you?

He: That not true , I never inundate you posts , this was just so outrageous
Sorry 😐

Me: READ IT: Lysol Issues PSA In Response To False Social Media Claims About Trump’s Comments

In response to “speculation and social media activity” surrounding President Trump’s questions about new findings during the coronavirus briefing Thursday, RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol, felt compelled to issue a public service announcement warning against “improper use of disinfectants.”

“Due to recent speculation and social media activity, RB (the makers of Lysol and Dettol) has been asked whether internal administration of disinfectants may be appropriate for investigation or use as a treatment for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2),” reads RB’s PSA issued in response to false claims about Trump’s comments on potential treatment methods (full text of PSA below). “As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route).”

The announcement comes after some social media users claimed that Trump told people to “inject themselves with disinfectant” and “drink bleach” in order to kill coronavirus. Among those who made the claims were Democratic activist Chris D. Jackson, who tweeted that Trump had “urged Americans to inject themselves with disinfectant,” and Jake Maccoby, a former speechwriter for the Obama Justice Department, who tweeted that Trump “told people to drink bleach.”

But, as The Daily Wire reported, Trump of course did not advise people to “inject themselves with disinfectant” or “drink bleach.” Trump’s comments that sparked the misrepresentations came in response to DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology Bill Bryan detailing some “striking” observations about what impacts the virus at a press briefing.

Me: Also this:

Media erupt over Trump comments on disinfectant and sunlight to cure coronavirus: Here’s what he said

HERE’S THE TEXT: You can watch the President’s comments on the BBC link above and here are the words from there as well.

“So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous – whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light,” the president said, turning to Dr Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response co-ordinator, “and I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it.

“And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside of the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting,” the president continued.

“And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?

“So it’d be interesting to check that.”

Pointing to his head, Mr Trump went on: “I’m not a doctor. But I’m, like, a person that has a good you-know-what.”

Here is what he said.

(1) A disinfectant kills the virus within a minute.
(2) It would be good to find something you could inject that would do the same.
(3) So he asks, is there a way to do that?

I don’t know if the first is true, but if it is, then the second is true. And in the end all he did was ask a question if there were some means to achieve that end with these kinds of means.

The left and the media are disgusting, liars and stupid. All this is so obvious that were it not for the tremendous lack of good will among the left, nothing further would be said. What a repulsive lot the President has to deal with.

IT’S WORSE THAN YOU THOUGHT: Or depending on your perspective, better: Christina Cuomo Says She Took Clorox Bleach Baths to Combat Coronavirus.

Christina Cuomo wrote of her use of bleach baths to combat coronavirus. As Rolling Stone magazine reported on Wednesday.

Cristina Cuomo, wife of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (and sister-in-law to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo), is the founder and CEO of a wellness publication called The Purist. So it is not exactly surprising that, following her own COVID-19 diagnosis, she would blog about her family’s coronavirus health and wellness regimens, which are replete with wellness buzzwords such as Ayurvedic diets and oxygenation and cleansing shakes and body charger devices .

In the actual blog, The Purist,  Mrs. Cuomo states:

“At the direction of my doctor, Dr. Linda Lancaster, who reminded me that this is an oxygen-depleting virus, she suggested I take a bath and add a tiny amount of bleach, and I mean a 1/4 cup of bleach which in an 80 gallon water tub is a ratio of 1:5000. Why? To combat the radiation and metals in my system and oxygenate it.”

“As Dr. Lancaster said, “We want to neutralize heavy metals because they slow up the electromagnetic frequency of our cells, which is our energy field, and we need a good flow of energy. Clorox is sodium chloride — which is technically salt. Clorox is made by introducing an electric current to water and sodium chloride (saline) creating sodium hypochlorite. There is no danger in doing this. It is a simple naturopathic treatment that has been used for over 75 years to oxygenate the cells.”

I personally don’t thing the President was being sarcastic, as he described his words, but metaphorical, “a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.” It would have just been too hard to say that it was a metaphor given the pig ignorance of the audience he was trying to address.

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