When will this lockupdown end?

The same question is being asked in the United States except there it is the states who hold the spigot. It is freedom, and it is prosperity and it is human rights at risk. Our lives, hardly at all.

___________Below the line is where this post originally began
From The Australian but with the first and last words in the original headline reversed: Virus cabinet to outlive crisis. It begins:

Scott Morrison has signalled his preference for the national cabinet to become a permanent decision-making body to manage the federation, with West Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan arguing the COVID-19 leaders’ model should replace the Council of Australian Governments.

The Prime Minister said that through the national cabinet — formed in response to the coronavirus pandemic — the “federation had been more responsive and more co-ordinated than we’ve seen in many years”.

Sure thing, and you know why that is? Because the effective Prime Minister has been Daniel Andrews. Watching Greg [rs] Hunt on Bolt the other day trying to explain why this lockupdown must continue even though the number of deaths is effectively negligible and the incidence of new cases is falling rapidly was itself sickening. What do these people stand for? Who do they represent?

So let us ask what Andrew Bolt asked: What are the actual signs that will signal that you should once again begin opening the economy up?

You may think people are thanking you now, and maybe some are, but in a month the entire country will hate you with such venom you will be astonished at their lack of gratitude, which no one will in the slightest owe you.

2 thoughts on “When will this lockupdown end?

  1. It’s remarkable so many politicians have not realised the prison they have entrapped themselves in. They have to maintain the lockup to make it seem justified, yet every day the consequences because far more damaging and it will slowly dawn on the public that their lives will be significantly poorer for a decade. They will turn on the politicians with the same speed they fled from this phantom the media created.

    The only good thing is that a few of the media who have been so instrumental in creating the panic will suffer with the rest of us

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