This gutless government of ours

A bit late to the keyboard but have just been blessed with another granddaughter. I have seen her on Facetime and have the photos but am not allowed to see her, nor would I at such a time. That said, I will also begin by reminding everyone not to miss Andrew Bolt’s interview with Cardinal Pell tonight at 7:00 pm.

Bolt today was an absolute torrent of anger, all directed towards our gutless government. There were two issues in his brief that he discussed – one the pathetic response by our government to the overwhelmingly obvious absence of any need to keep our country in lock-up because of the coronavirus. And then he went after the hopeless Liberal government for providing no serious response to the irresponsible actions of the ABC in persecuting Cardinal Pell, which continues almost without let up. I also no longer think they are being politically careful. I now think they are an identikit with Labor. There may be some way to distinguish one from the other, but I could no longer tell you what that difference is.

First watching Greg [rhyming slang] Hunt refusing to even hint at a timetable short of the six months our craven Prime Minister absurdly indicated at the start of this disgraceful episode. As near as I could tell, there is a medical team being set up to decide when to lift the restraints. Let me be very clear about this: doctors do not know anything at all about epidemics other than perhaps how to treat individual patient if they happen to catch the disease. Dcotors can provide no advice whatsoever that is worth ten cents on when and whether to end the lockdown. Here’s why, other than that the expert advice up until now has been wrong at every turn, so why would you listen to them now? There is also second reason:


No one can tell you anything about the future. No one knows what will happen next. Every single forecast has been wrong, both here and oversees. But what we can tell you about the so-called experts whose advice you have been listening to up till now is this. They do not know anything at all about the potential for this virus to kill any of us. THEY WERE CONSISTENTLY WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING OF SIGNIFICANCE! You should ignore them. Meanwhile the economy is rotting, incomes are being lost, businesses are folding, jobs are disappearing, and your deficit is climbing. Is there absolutely nothing at all you intend to do about any of it?

It is you, the Government, that must make the decision. What are you waiting for? Hunt was brave to go onto Bolt, but if you think Andrew was angry, you wait another month and we’ll see just how angry everyone else will by then be. This government is such a pathetic bunch of cowards, which we knew from the start when not a single public servant lost a single dollar of income while large slabs of the private sector were put out on the grass. Gutless and worse. Pathetic losers. All to keep their Commonwealth cars. What do they represent? What values matter to them. Careerist clowns, every one of them.

Sure Labor will blame you for every death. But have you not worked out that no one is dying? Are you such a bunch of incompetents that you are unprepared to do anything, either to protect our prosperity or our freedoms? Are you really willing to be led around by that even greater incompetent Daniel Andrews and follow his lead?

And then there’s the ABC. Are you that weak that even after the High Court has emphatically stated in a 7-0 decision that every thing argued and implied by the ABC was untrue. Will you still do nothing about an organisation that hates you, hates your constituency and has no respect for truth?

You are a repulsive lot.

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