What makes you think we will ever get our freedom back?

Maybe we will, but what’s the evidence? I am amazed that such profound changes in our entire societies have occurred in just nothing flat. In an instant, we are no longer a market economy where anyone who wishes to try their hand operating some enterprise can just go ahead and do it. We are no longer allowed to wander down to the shops, or walk in the park, or lie on the beach. We can be harassed by the police unless we are undertaking some officially sanctioned purpose. Our incomes are being dispensed by the government and not via the businesses that employ us.

We are less free as citizens today than anyone was during Mussolini’s Fascist state. Bookshops are closed. Libraries are closed. Newspapers and media are in the hands of the far left. Is there any likelihood the ABC will ever say an unkind word about Daniel Andrews or complain about the complete cessation of our civil liberties? We are living in a modern totalitarian socialist’s dream state. And the Deep State is continuously menacing us with how our hospitals will be soon overrun, and if not yesterday, then maybe tomorrow. We are endlessly warned about dying from a plague that virtually no one under the age of 70 is dying from, and hardly any of these either.

Dwell on this. This is the extent of civil disobedience in our world today. This is right around the corner from where I live.


Police shut down a religious gathering after a prayer meeting failed to heed social distance warnings in Ripponlea today.

Officers slapped the male organiser with a $1652 fine after he was caught disobeying a warning given to him yesterday.

Sources said at least 10 people were found at the gathering and as many as thirty may have attended.

Photos taken by the Herald Sun show police officers in protective masks entering the property on Glen Eira Rd about 11am and speaking to men in ultra-Orthodox attire.

The crackdown comes as Melbourne’s Jewish community celebrated Passover this week.

Police indicated the gathering was not at a formal Synagogue but still flouted the COVID-19 rules which ban religious gatherings.

Police found several people gathered at a Jewish Synagogue despite strict stay at home rules. Picture: Tony Gough

I still assume that we are living in an opportunistic moment by the American left to undo Donald Trump. Whether they can bring it off remains to be seen but this must bring them very close. If you haven’t read Ninety Eighty-Four and absorbed its message, then perhaps you should while you can. It’s about how a party leadership with virtually total control over the flow of information runs the whole of society from the centre. Major events have no evident or necessary reality, but exist as news reports alone. Winston Smith’s job is to revise news accounts of the past so that what it says in the historical archive conforms to the political lies of the moment. Oh so farfetched. Could not happen. Yet we have seen, just to take one example, the American “news” networks rewrite before our eyes the account of when Donald Trump did or did not block planes from arriving from China. The scare stories about how our hospitals would be overwhelmed by the Corona Virus are virtually no longer even discussed, but who cares anyway?

The Democrats have all but nominated a man deep in senility and will run him for president with full-on hopes of having him in the White House. The American left will vote for him in droves, not because they want his personal leadership, but because they don’t. They are voting for a socialist Deep State to run their affairs from the top with Joe Biden as their acting Big Brother.

The farms are producing food, we will have food to eat, places to live, a more or less stationary economy that never grows but with a political leadership that will remain in place for who knows how long, with virtually all of us peasants and technicians in the return of a mediaeval society based on status and not personal and individual rights.

The economy must be opened immediately. Scott Morrison should unpack as much of these present closures as possible. He should tell us when we are going to go back the previous normal. I don’t know why there is any delay in this. The only thing dying is our freedom and prosperity. Whatever risks there may be, and they seem slight, we need a timetable to open things up placed before us. If you don’t think this can all happen even as you are experiencing it, what will it take to make you believe just how dangerous all this is?

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