If you think the soldiers at Gallipoli were brave …

… I’ve just come back from shopping on the high street!

I may be providing advice on how to keep the economy from as deep a disaster as it might still be, but I am also a near complete sceptic on the need for these lock-downs. This is the public will in action. My personal belief is that neither Donald Trump, nor Boris Johnson, nor Scott Morrison would have entered into these kinds of strictures, but politics is the art of the possible, and when your constituency are 60% snowflakes, there is nothing to be done but give them what they want, good and hard. We will have no risks, say our electorates. And in discussing all this with others, I find we are dealing with the Greens ten times over. Again, I watch the stats and the spread of disease, and while it is only we children of the WWII generation who are most at risk, I think this is madness.

We also went to a cafe with friends where we developed a new form of salutation to replace shaking hands. What one does is grab your left upper arm with your right hand, and then lift your left forearm upwards to the sky with your fist closed. More effective still is to think of the government while you are doing it.

Happily I am not alone in my way of thinking. Some Experts Say We May Be Overreacting to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

From this available data, it seems more probable than not that the total number of cases world-wide will peak out at well under 1 million, with the total number of deaths at under 50,000 (up about eightfold). In the United States, if the total death toll increases at about the same rate, the current 67 deaths should translate into about 500 deaths at the end. Of course, every life lost is a tragedy—and the potential loss of 50,000 lives world-wide would be appalling—but those deaths stemming from the coronavirus are not more tragic than others, so that the same social calculus applies here that should apply in other cases.


I agree with the Wall Street Journal editorial that Scott quoted from this morning, but I think it is too mild. Here is a prediction: the deaths of Americans caused by the Wuhan flu bug will be dwarfed by the suicides committed by people whose life’s savings have been wiped out, whose businesses have been bankrupted, whose jobs have been lost, and whose prospects have been blighted by the insane overreaction we now see from our governments. That overreaction must stop. Right now. Before it is too late, if it is not too late already.

We will almost certainly end the year with more deaths in traffic accidents than from the CV. Should we now forbid all motor vehicle traffic? We are dealing with primitives who cannot assess relative risks. I don’t want to catch the CV, I don’t think I will. But if I do, it will be just bad luck since the one thing we are not in the midst of is a second version of the Great Plague.

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