A parallel political universe

Up to 3200 anti-Trump emails from my mate in California – a record fifteen new ones today so he must be in lock-down. He should be in lock-up, since protection from the mad used to be one of the roles of government. Instead, they just joined the Democratic Party. I have been collecting them since I was thinking of publishing the list when it began. But there are now too many. I open around one in ten, usually filled with what I already know from The Age and Financial Review. However today was special. Much too long to read unless you really want to enter into a parallel universe: The President Is Winning His War on American Institutions subtitled “How Trump is destroying the civil service and bending the government to his will”. A good-news story, at last, I thought. Instead it begins:

When Donald Trump came into office, there was a sense that he would be outmatched by the vast government he had just inherited.

The new president was impetuous, bottomlessly ignorant, almost chemically inattentive, while the bureaucrats were seasoned, shrewd, protective of themselves and their institutions. They knew where the levers of power lay and how to use them or prevent the president from doing so. Trump’s White House was chaotic and vicious, unlike anything in American history, but it didn’t really matter as long as “the adults” were there to wait out the president’s impulses and deflect his worst ideas and discreetly pocket destructive orders lying around on his desk.

After three years, the adults have all left the room—saying just about nothing on their way out to alert the country to the peril—while Trump is still there.

The heroes here described are better known as The Deep State. Here McCabe and Comey – the very fellows who tried to sabotage the 2016 election on behalf of Obama, along with plenty of others – are the ones who have been cast aside while valiantly defending Constitutional order. Trump, by trying to govern according to the principles on which he was elected, is the villain.

It’s the weekend, and if you are not game to go to the local cafe (or you cold print this out, of course, you could do worse than to re-discover anew just how insane the left really is.

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