Abolish the family

I’m a little late to the feminist party but watching the reaction of women to the latest version of The Invisible Man I can see just how vile this anti-patriarchy issue has become. Men in general are ruining women’s lives, a meme based on the undoubted fact that some men are creating harm in some women’s lives. The latest article on feminism to come across my notice is this: Why Modern Feminism Wants To Get Rid Of The Family which will be ignored by everyone. It’s written by a Chinese-Malaysian woman, S.G. Cheah who had the same kind of communist upbringing that I had. She starts:

When I first stumbled upon this Vice article titled “We Can’t Have a Feminist Future Without Abolishing the Family,” I thought this was just another story about a lunatic, fringe, radical feminist. Vice is, after all, struggling to keep its lights on, so naturally they would resort to sensationalist click-bait type of stories in order to bolster their readership. Nothing sounds more outrageous than a feature story on a feminist thinker who calls for the abolishment of families, as well as the right to abortion (specifically as the justifiable killing of babies).

She gets some of it but this last para depressed me, and here I focus on her first two words:

At least Mao Zedong tried to openly eliminate the concept of gender during China’s Cultural Revolution. To Mao, there was no difference between the man and the woman. Gender is “a social construct.” The radical feminist shares this belief and wants to achieve the same genderless outcome as Mao. However, the feminist is employing their societal transformation discreetly, like a crooked conman stealing your money quietly through fraud (oh sorry, I didn’t mean to use sexist language, I meant ‘conwoman’). And they’re doing so by working to destroy the family unit.

What is so good about getting rid of the concept of gender is an unknown but she too has the feminist infection, even if she doesn’t know it. To say one positive word about the Cultural Revolution is a sign of grave idiocy whatever else you might believe. And that she believes that eliminating gender is a good thing is a madness in itself. But for all that, you should read the article through.

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