Bernie v Biden plus Bloomberg

The 3 B’s of the Democrat contenders. Pete is out and so is Steyer. Warren remains but only because she is probably angling for the VP – they will need a female for balance even if the the presidential candidates are white, male and elderly).

None of it matters to Democrats (see, for example, Comrade Sanders Declares War on the Whole U.S. Economy) since their only interest is in seeing Trump lose in whatever way it takes. The Dems are unified in their policy agenda and it makes no difference to them which is the candidate since all will deliver on open borders, abortion, medicare for all, free stuff in general and whatever else remains in their Deep State foreign policy agenda. And the certainty is that the media will lie to the fullest extent they can get away with it, as shown below.

Related: Facebook Fact-Checkers Admit Trump Never Said Coronavirus Was ‘a Hoax.’

Democrats, and the American left in general, are as politically insane as it is possible to be – or perhaps there are still surprises to come.


The Presidential debates will be amazing, no matter who the Democrat is.

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