Noble and self-sacrificing for the common good of humanity

An update on We are the most virtuous country in the world. I have now been informed of the following:

Multiple Facebook posts shared thousands of times contain a list of purported active and under construction coal-fired power plants in several countries around the world. The figures in the list are out of date; the numbers in the misleading Facebook posts were taken from a 2015 report; the current figure for active and under construction coal-fired power plants in the selected countries is less than half the total count listed in the misleading posts.

I never trusted Facebook anyway. The revised figures nevertheless don’t change the point, that it would be insane for Australia to do anything to ruin its standard of living in some kind of noble sacrificial decision to rid itself of coal-fired power stations as part of some non-existent global effort. It’s good to have more accurate data, but the conclusion remains. And even on the new list Australia is the only country not building any others at the present time, although we are apparently considering adding two others.

The Global Coal Plant Tracker provides summary statistics for the number of coal-fired power plants per country here, as well as by region here.

As of July 2019, the Global Coal Plant Tracker shows:

  • Within the 28 European Union countries, there are 268 coal-fired power plants in operation, with 7 in construction and 8 in pre-construction.
  • Turkey has 29 plants in operation, with 2 in construction and 31 in preconstruction.
  • South Africa has 19 plants in operation, with 2 in construction and 5 in preconstruction.
  • India has 291 plants in operation, with 33 in construction and 41 in preconstruction.
  • Philippines has 21 plants in operation, with 8 in construction and 19 in preconstruction.
  • South Korea has 24 plants in operation, with 3 in construction and 1 in preconstruction.
  • Japan has 83 plants in operation, with 15 in construction and 5 in preconstruction.
  • China has 1032 plants in operation, with 126 in construction and 76 in preconstruction.
  • Australia has 20 plants in operation, with 0 in construction and 2 in preconstruction.

Excluding Australia, the countries listed have 1767 operational coal-fired power plants and a further 196 under construction, for a total of 1963.

A list of the 20 coal-fired power plants in operation in Australia can also be found on the Australian Clean Energy Regulator’s website here, which was published on March 25.

Australia houses 1.1% of the world’s coal-driven power stations. It’s insane anyway, but let’s not lead the pack over the edge of the cliff.

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