Progressives and the meaning of progress

Positively incredible. Only “progressives” could believe in the certainty of progress. And of course, for some what exists in 2020 is an improvement on the past. You never know your own future in how the world is built. There are many worse fates than having Donald Trump as president. Many!

And let me draw your attention to a quite good article in The Oz today: Soleimani: For once the virtuous have not been meek. This is how it ends:

For the long term, the challenge for Western governments is how we defend our foreign and domestic interests from these growing networks of state and non-state terrorists. A silent risk is the growing number of people in the West who admire the likes of Soleimani.

As the British geopolitical theorist Halford Mackinder stated: “Democracy refuses to think strategically unless and until compelled to do so for purposes of defence.”

Today that is too slow. We need to wake up to the game being played against our system.

Not just by Iran but Russia and China.

Not to mention all of the “progressives” in our midst.

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