A heartwarming story about 911

Canadian musical Come From Away is showing at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre. The uplifting tale that also reflects on how the 9/11 attacks punctured the west’s illusion of invulnerability.

Here’s the review from The Guardian: Come From Away – a feelgood 9/11 musical? Believe the hype. I went because everybody I knew who had seen it told me not to miss it. And it’s Canadian, to its bootstraps. No one else could even conceive of such a story. Everyone’s nice and in spite of the significance of the specific day in history that surrounds the story, there are no bad people. I will say as much about it that is positive that I can bear, but then get into the politics and morality.

The story is upbeat, it is sweet and kindly, and it is one more effort to bring to life The Enlightenment Project which would not be all that bad an idea if it could actually be done. The Enlightenment Project was in large part a call for tolerance, which really means, I will make an effort to get on with you, if you will make an equal effort to get on with me, even though we cannot stand each other and do not like each other’s beliefs. This is the minimum requirement both for social peace and democratic politics. “Tolerance” has now transmogrified into a mandatory requirement to actually think positively about everyone else in spite of what they do, except, it seems, white males, who are never to be tolerated no matter what they do. This is the definition of “tolerance” that comes up at Wikipedia:

the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
“the tolerance of corruption”

Given their wording, what they seem to mean is putting up with bad things you cannot do anything about, since “corruption” hardly fits into an acceptance of other people’s beliefs and ways of life, although perhaps looking at our politicians, that is probably what it now does mean. I might also note that there seems to be very little tolerance shown by the left for conservative points of view.

All that said, Come From Away is an upbeat musical that takes place on September 11, 2001 when dozens of passenger planes attempting to cross the Atlantic were diverted to the airport at Gander, where every transatlantic flight used to land in days gone by before you could fly London-New York non-stop. It’s one of those feel-good-about-themselves stories made just for the left since going to the play, shelling out hundreds of dollars for the night and then applauding wildly at the end demonstrates what a tolerant and liberal person you are.

And just so as not to spoil the mood, no one during the entire performance discusses the use of airplanes as incendiary bombs at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon. No one discusses the thousands of deaths that had caused these planes to be diverted. And I need hardly point out the cultural identity of the only person to feel victimised during the hour and forty minutes it took to get through it all.

I could make the analogy worse, but try this. What would you think about a cheerful and upbeat musical comedy about people meeting up and getting to know each other following the attack on Pearl Harbour.

No one on the left is any longer serious about any major issue not even ones that involve their lives and the lives of their children. Anyway, the video below is how less than two decades after the event we remember 911. You will see how positive the audience reacts, which is what we now expect from the media and arts alliance.

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