It should no longer remain costless for the left to do what they do

The Obama Administration attempted to undermine the political process in the United States with evidence so stark that it is undeniable except by those dimwit leftists who are happy to see the electoral process undermined. The same continues in the US with the fake impeachment process that is utterly corrupt on its face, with again the only people willing to deny what is happening are those who want it to happen. That the left and its media are totalitarians is no longer even hidden. They are socialist fanatics who will use violence along with any other means that come to hand to advance their own agendas. And with the United States, I have watched every revelation unfold with the thought in my head that the wheels of justice will eventually begin to grind, but have come to the conclusion that this will never happen.

And then this on the ABC in the link above. Followed up by watching an irate Andrew Bolt discuss how repulsed he had been by this and other forms of pre-adolescent and disgusting behaviours on the ABC. Listen Morrison. They laugh at you. They stick their fingers in your eyes. They dare you to do anything, but they know you will not because you are just as frightened to do anything as they think you are.

So I will repeat what Andrew said. Listen Morrison, and you other Liberal and National Party cowards. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ABC. They laugh at you for being the spineless cretins you have shown yourselves to be. You are as bad if not worse than Labor in every way I can think of other than in stopping the boats, which is a story that is wearing very very thin.

This is our ABC. We own it. We pay for it. Shut it down, and if they all go on strike, better still. Defund them, and defund them NOW.

You are making a mess of the economy. You are making a mess of social policy. You are wrecking everything you touch. At least do this.

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