A wonderful series of discussions that help make the case for intelligent design

From Another scientist challenges Darwin’s theory:

Dr. Eberlin writes in 172 pages of energetic prose about the artful solutions to major engineering, chemistry, and biology in living cells of living things that are evidence of a factor of foresight and intelligence.

Dr. Eberlin runs through a wonderful series of discussions that make his case for design and not chance (Darwin’s theory is built on chance and random events):

  1.  The complex functionality of membranes.
  2. The ideal components and proportions of the atmosphere.
  3. The genius make-up of genetic material, DNA and RNA.
  4. Gene controls — operons.
  5. The magic of enzymes — they are made to work.
  6. Chaparones and chaparonins that modify and maximize protein synthesis and benefits.
  7. The special activities and makeup of bugs, bacteria, and carnivorous plants.
  8. Birds and their sense of direction.
  9. The extraordinary nature of bird eggs and bird gestation.
  10. The special provisions that are essential for human reproduction.
  11. Special provision for sight.

Chemicals don’t have a brain, can’t organize complex functionality; they just get pushed around by electric magnetic physical forces.  It is silly to propose that random chemical changes that occasionally find a survival benefit can create complex functionality of the magnitude described in any cell, much less the many living single to multi-celled and of course the higher forms of life.

Come on, be serious. Think of this as a random chance event.

Eberlin studies complex chemical chain reactions facilitated by enzymes of amazing size and complexity, and the whole thing managed by the nucleus of the cell that has genetic material essential to manage all the cell’s anatomy and physiological/chemical functionality to keep the cell alive and reproducing. Of course, if that cell were a part of a multicellular organism, the genetic material also determined the role of that cell in the larger organism.

As an example, membranes keep the cell intact but also allow nutrients and waste to go in and out, while protecting against toxins. Think of manufacturing and retail “just in time” inventory — a living cell is a “just in time” complex functional unit of life, directed by genetic material, DNA, that Bill Gates said “is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.”

Sure, sure. Just by chance. Anyone who believes that are among the most credulous people who have ever lived. Do not make offers to anyone who promises to sell you the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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