The political lessons of the Katie Hill event

This will disappear by Monday but it is interesting to follow. From the comments section on WHAT KATIE CAN DO, Katie Hill that is. From Powerline.

The job of the establishment media is to make mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains. Now we’re charging up a Hill and it ain’t San Juan. It’s Katie, and she’s knocked Ms. Omar/Hirsi/Elmi off the front pages of our leading papers…er…she’s competing for front-page status at the Daily Mail and New York Post…uh…well…OK, so nobody other than writers and consumers of bigoted blogs will notice, but among us it’s big news. The real story here (not the real photos) is vote harvesting and general election fraud that’s part of all our big-city elections and is running rampant in California. Has anyone seen the report from the voter-fraud commission that President Trump started up just after election? Oh, that’s right. The voter-fraud commission was shut down because there wasn’t any fraud and what little actually existed could be policed by the Our People’s Division of the Department of Justice. Has anyone noticed any investigation from our Justice Department? Any convictions?

This is one of the geniuses who originally lost in a gerrymandered Republican district but who ultimately ‘won’ when bags of ‘absentee ballots’ were discovered a week after the election. Did the Republiclowns sue or make any kind of a protest? Nope. And now we have this appetizing spectacle.

Democrats like Katie stole the midterm election using ballot harvesting, which allows third parties (even illegal aliens) to submit mail-in ballots. Democrat harvested ballots that were marked Republican were promptly shredded..? There’s a reason ballot harvesting illegal in 49 states.

My God Katie Hill has everything. Nudity, pot smoking, lesbian, wife swapping Nazis.

I think we may be at the point where even the Dem media should be able to openly admit that they treat stories/scandals about Dems 180 degrees different than about Republicans. It is so obvious, so out in the open, that they really should be able to admit that on the record. There is zero question that if this lady had an (R) after her name this would be front page, non-stop, above-the-fold “news,” together with endless “analysis.”

Ms. Hill and Ms. Omar (or whatever her real name might turn out to be) are simply the reminders of the truth we first learned when Billy Clinton became the poster boy for all things feminist, despite his obvious history of sexual abuse. The democrats are rank hypocrites and only use standards of morality when they can employ them to cudgel Republicans. So, long as their political representatives media personalities, or entertainment moguls.will vote for the Green Ordeal or publicly support the party line, like open borders, socialist pipe dreams, and gun confiscation; the progressives don’t care if they are serial rapists (Weinstein, Cosby, Lauer, Bill Clinton), child molesters (Polanski), incestuous fraudsters (Omar), or any other perverse category you can name.

The Democrat media and Leftist Twitter has already decided that Hill did nothing wrong because of “consent”. Reminds me of the Democrat media’s defense of Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior with Monica Lewinsky.

Bottom line: if you are a politician on the right, don’t try this yourself.

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