“Trump did not betray the Kurds”

The quote is the title of the linked article by Caroline Glick, as near as anyone I can think of whom I trust on Middle Eastern politics. She says that Trump did not betray the Kurds but beyond that, who knows where things will go. This is the last two lines of the article.

What is clear enough is that Trump avoided war with Turkey this week. And he began extracting America from an open-ended commitment to the Kurds it never made and never intended to fulfil.

Having followed the War party in American politics since the start of the century this is a change. But the intervening years of Obama cured me of the American combination of military victory united with attempting to bring peace amid the various factions of the ME. Whatever else, so far on everything that I have a strong view on, Trump has taken the right side and done the right thing. Here I can only hope, but I am happy to read CG’s views back Trump’s.

1 thought on ““Trump did not betray the Kurds”

  1. Trump is really quite amazing. In one stroke, he has turned The Guardian into a cheerleader for US intervention in the Middle East.

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