On the Ball on climate

Dealing with post-modernist global warmists is the kind of contradiction the left thrives on. There’s no truth but my truth so long as it’s their truth; at least that’s their mantra. Except on global warming, where they know the truth, although the truth cannot be known for at least thirty years (or perhaps it will now all be revealed within twelve years).

I am always meeting global warming cranks and they are always willing to discuss it. So I say, why do you believe such things? What’s your evidence? And they always have evidence that convinces them. The last three that I can recall:

The Solomon Islands are sinking beneath the waves – the oceans are therefore rising when in fact the islands are sinking
The glaciers in the Alps are receding – which they have been doing since the 1850s
Flying foxes are coming into Victoria where they never were before because it used to be too cold which turned out to be a completely garbled story of zero global warming significance.

People are determined to believe the most nonsensical things, and they find confirmation everywhere. Perhaps they should have a word with Tim Ball who can set them straight. A very brave man. I’m afraid you may have to wind the start of the video back to the beginning.

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