How dare you!

Having to deal with the global swarmists must be unbelievably difficult for any political leader who finds they are dealing with the con in con-servation to the extent it has now become mandatory. That elections depend on such matters really does suggest our Western supposedly rational way of life is heading off into the wilderness. There is a ton of money to be made through channelling various projects subsidised by public funding.

It is not just how fantastically gullible these people are, but how the left has latched onto these various issues. There are no skeptics on the left, and not all that many on the right. Bi-partisan madness.

And then there are real issues that also need deep consideration but who can understand the intricacies of the Middle East, other than that for the left, anything that is done that is different – or even exactly the same – from how it was previously done, and for which some victim can be conjured, or some responsibility can be manufactured, becomes a focal point for criticism. The alliance of Socialists, Climate activists, University far-left academics and the Media (SCUM for short) will ruin our lives. California here we come.

As Victor Davis Hanson asks, Is America Entering a Dark Age? And not just America but the whole of the West, and that means you.

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